1. Dr_Glaucous

    Quotar Hero

    This mod is the result of Christmas Modfest #37. Normally, I would add this to my portfolio of small modfest mods, write a short blurb about it, and call it a day, but with this mod, I've decided to do something different. I'm putting it in a separate thread because the mod itself is moddable...
  2. Blu_09

    Blood Eclipse

    Here’s something that'll scare the pants off you this Halloween... The legend of the Blood Eclipse has been lost to time, and no one foresaw its return. It is the unholy fusion of a blood moon and a solar eclipse, signaling the arrival of the vilest creatures from hell and its dreaded curse...
  3. Mint

    Metronari 2 (DEMO)

    METRONARI 2 A CSMC Modfest 36 submission, previously named Mystery of the Tower METRONARI IS BACK! Focused on the mysteries of a tower, a new large area reveals itself awaiting someone to explore it. Features: • Following the spirit of the original Metronari, features a large, seamless map...
  4. Samantha & K

    Frozen Estate

    I just made a new mod about ice.
  5. EnlightenedOne

    Top 10 booster versions ranked (you will NOT believe #8!)

    A Mimiga Island Professor discovers one weird trick to defy his death! Completed in 2018 these health secrets have been tested and improved before being locked away, but are now released four years later to better your body through patented booster technology! Follow these 8 tips to boost back...
  6. Aar

    Curly Brace ~ Ace Attorney: The First Turnabout (UNFINISHED)

    This mod is a recreation of the first case from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in Cave Story Engine 2. Eventually somewhere along the line I got distracted or something and didn't end up finishing the mod, so I'm going to post it here rather than let it sit in a private GitHub repo forever...
  7. Mint

    Special World: Moonside (Updated 9/3/2022)

    Following a series of unfinished large mods I've had the smart idea to make a small stage-based mod not unlike vorC, but without the cheap 'horror' so I can actually make a finished mod. This idea probably came like almost 2 years ago, but after multiple extreme hiatuses here it finally is! The...
  8. Dr_Glaucous

    CSPB (That's not going to be it's name but I can't think of anything else right now)

    Overview: Play as Garret Hannady as he is sent on a mission to check out a mysterious distress call. I really like sci-fi. Perhaps a bit too much. Nah. Yeah, for awhile now I've seen that the original mod is lacking in quality, organization, originality, and playability (yikes). I can't...
  9. its

    The Easiest Mod Ever

    All right, all right. We have all played those mods that just make absolutely no sense to you. Besides, a majority of them are buggy, maybe even glitchy, and mostly just either impossible or extraordinarily hard. This is where The Easiest Mod comes into play. Also I have been whipping up...
  10. AlmaHexie

    Curly's Weird Crusade

    The awakening to a stranger's adventure... kind of.. ============================================================== //What is Curly's Weird Crusade? Curly Weird Crusade is a mod that is a self parody of Cave Story fangames and Fanfictions in general beholding a truly pacifist message towards...
  11. AquaDoesStuff

    Lost Machine - a short atmospheric mod for Modfest 26

    A short story about a lost robot waking up a year after disaster Has two endings, a bad and good ending Winner of Modfest 26 This mod is heavily inspired by a Cave Story dream I had a few years ago, with most of the areas and layouts being as closely of a recreation to the original dream as...
  12. Walrus_Guy

    A Watery Tale

    What is good my friends I made this mod back in late 2018 and i put it on the doukutsuclub website in feb 2020 but I think I forgot to post it here so here you go More description is on the link, it's not exactly done (like graphics wise) but everything that's supposed to be playable has been...
  13. Jak

    Cave Story Simple Double Jump Game

    Cave Story Simple Double Jump Game Cave Story Simple Double Jump Game is Cave Story, however quote can DOUBLE JUMP Due to the advancing double jump algorithm, this mod may need a reasonably powerful computer to play. Screenshot Notes: This mod contains minor swearing (in the form of...
  14. Raichu

    How do you change entity in Cave Editor/Change the main character to another NPC

    I am currently making a Cave Story mod in Cave Editor, and I was wondering how you change the NPC being edited in the NPC Table Editor. Also, can you change the main character (quote) to another NPC, like Curly or Sue for example? Maybe even an unused NPC?
  15. Escher Lochran

    Ascend. - Project Demonstration and Development Thread

    Good evening to you! I must thank you for viewing my humble post, as I have little to offer as of now. I present for your enjoyment a short demonstration copy of the mod I am developing. It came to me that I must create this work two years ago, and for two years I had ceased my work. It is my...
  16. AquaDoesStuff

    Grotto Myth (Short Demo/Proof of Concept)

    "Sometimes, two worlds, regardless of their traits, will develop many parallels to each other. Equivalent people, equivalent locations... However, when something from one world enters the other... Both worlds are at risk of completely falling apart." After a couple months of work, I've created...
  17. Mint

    Auto Story

    Oh boy probably the only mod I posted this year and it's a CSBD and waste of time. I probably don't need to explain much, no screenshots needed, and not much explanation required either. So what is this exactly? It's quite simple, it's basically just the game playing itself. That's it, decided...
  18. EnlightenedOne

    The Sushi Strikes Back (DE-FINitive Edition)

    Hey, remember that unremarkable mod I made in a few days for Modfest 2017? Well it's been over 3 years and I finally *finished it! *Finished it with the same scope it originally had, so it's still that one big map for 80% of the mod. You hunger for a California Roll, but the Super Sushi Shack...
  19. Ya-boi-mees

    Lancer story

    I made this for a discord server, you play as lancer from deltarune, not much has changed but a few dialougue stuff and of course quote's sprites. My first mod I publish, be nice this isnt a finished project at all there are lots of inconsistencies and no real reason to play if you dont like...
  20. EnlightenedOne

    The Tan Cut Cola MicroTrilogy

    Heyo. I made 3 mods under an alias in 2019 for whatever reason. They're all short and weird and not even remotely connected to each other. The Backrooms: An endless and dangerous maze of musty mono-yellow corridors. How long can you survive? Is there an end? My Cat is Stuck in a Tree: You play...
  21. SuperJaws100

    Code Warfare - Unfinished Release

    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I've posted a mod release. Some background on this mod. I created as a sort of last hurrah with the Cave Story modding scene as part of an Independent Study class at my high school during senior year. The characters in it are based around myself and...
  22. Flake

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    My problem with this mod is that it's a little too...basic. For instance I have no idea what your potential is since there is nothing new in terms of gameplay.
  23. H

    How do I install mods for the freeware version?

    I beat Hell and the Wind Fortress, and I`m looking for something new, but I have no idea how to make mods work in Cave Story. I don`t see a "mods" folder, but I have a "data" folder generated by the mod I downloaded and a "profile.dat" that I can`t open.
  24. TrashboxBobylev

    Platform Story [demo seven]

    Platform Story Something is hiding behind rows of platforms and walls... You wake up in a small room with a bed and a trash can, open the door and find yourself in a room. Can you reach the last door and find out the reason? Screenshots: Download zip here...
  25. qUOTY


    Free to use. No need to credit me :3