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Around three weeks ago, I left every Cave Story Discord server. Some people may have noticed and wondered why exactly I did. I now might as well give an explanation.

To put simply, Cave Story has kind of been ruined for me, due to being jealous of everyone in the community and my depression causing me to destroy my reputation and screw myself over.
I don't really enjoy talking in this community anymore, and most of time, I wouldn't be in a good mood at all, or I'd see something that makes me jealous and upset.
I tried to fix myself and move forward, but there was a last straw that made me completely give up on everything.
So, I've decided to be a bit more distant from the Cave Story community indefinitely so I won't see, hear, or remember as many things that upset me as often.
As of late, I've been mainly talking in the Ori community, and I don't get upset as often when talking there. I'm sometimes in a bad mood when talking there, but the people there are so kind and wholesome, and they don't get frustrated with me like in this community.

That's kind of basically it. I hope you understand.
Let me make it clear that Cave Story is still my favorite game of all time, but I just don't to see or hear anything about the community anymore.
@Orbit Just letting you know, there's nowhere else for me to go and I lost the ability to be happy.
:c I'm positive you'll find a place you'll fit into, though it might take some searching. As for the thing about happiness, I dunno how to respond to that, but let's both hope that life will give you something to be happy about.