1. Mister.Hex

    Curly Story~Reimagined

    Hello,I got trolled But I assume it Alot of curly story exist But I wanted To give mah try And it was also a 1 week challenges Contain 4th ending, Had the new ost but switched to normal Widescreen and stuff by clownacy The game:
  2. Windows 8 for PSP

    Quote in Windows 8 for PSP [Crossover] [Demo]

    Heres the mod i mentioned in plus porter. I am still working on it so it will take a long time. If you don't know what Windows 8 for PSP is check my website. Its a simple texture pack mod. I made up a couple of characters with personality. Jack is a slacker. Mia is a Body builder who is strict...
  3. vince94

    Cave Story SNES Soundtrack Mod

    Hey everyone! You might have seen me on the modding Discord a few months ago, or on YouTube right after I finished working on this, but I thought I ought to make a proper post on here. This is a mod of the original release of Cave Story that changes every song into a Super NES/Sony SPC700...
  4. yelp

    Possible NXEngine Mods Question

    There's a way to mod NXEngine or something? im really excited for a mod porting to NXEngine for linux & windows Can this is possible? :chin:
  5. EwanGreen4

    Does anyone want to collaborate on a mod?

    So, I have been considering participating in Modcon and have an idea. This mod will be a proof of concept for what the my Modcon entry is meant to be in the future (when it actually starts). On that very note, a lot of things planned require some ASM (I don't know how extensive it will have to...
  6. FortniteLover2


    After I spent about 3-4 months on it, it is finally done. No demos or anything like that, this is the full mod you've all been dreading waiting for! You play as the gunsmith, on his journey to create the polar star. You meet several new companions, and make several new enemies. Travel through...
  7. GunbladeMaster34

    Xol Story Beta 1.0

    Finally! Made it to a full beta release after all the sudden work I had! You may know this game formerly as Project My House. Well, after days of brainstorming on the title, I finally settled for Xol Story. Let's cut to the chase. Link's here. I'm gonna lay down over there cause I worked pretty...
  8. Hedg

    Miku Story

    Ever wanted to play as Miku Hatsune in Cave Story? No? Well now you can! This is my first mod, the idea came from a friend on discord who likes anime and vocaloids. Its basically just normal Cave Story with minor changes Some screenshots: Download v1.0.0.0...
  9. ColdCallerLoopy

    Another Cave Story Sequel (ACSS) V: 1.18.2

    Quote, Curly and Balrog, hours following their victory over Ballos, were shot down by a force unknown to any of them. Quote must once more to travel through the island, a year after the Doctor's havoc. Work with old friends and make new enemies as you unravel another mystery and liberate The...
  10. Squaggies

    (Release 1.0.1) Viantastic Story: Return of the Secrets

    After working my booty off this summer, I wanted to make something for Viantastic when he'd hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here's to say I got it done! A good bit of jokes and background characters are from Viantastic's Discord Server as it was kinda made as a thing for the server but...
  11. TUgly

    My first mod!!11 (and folder mods then i make an mod)

    so I see the n0xid video (how to mod cave story) sorry I don't know the title my brain is bad. and I see make a mod I don't know how to mod cave story and I say to leo40story (how to mod cave story) I some things. and he recommended this video I see the part 1 & 2 say me:Thread Spam (because...
  12. GunbladeMaster34

    Project My House Alpha

    I finally did it! My first mod in progress! It's gonna be a fun little mod I plan on continuing while I look for a job, so here's the link to the download: Edit 6/2/17: Since I haven't gotten much of anyone that wants to cameo in my mod, I'm gonna make a new plot and throw in some callbacks and...
  13. TF2Charmander

    Phoenix Wright, Turnabout Interesting?

    Sorry for the bad title but hello, I'm TF2Charmander and I want to make a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney mod for Cave Story, the story follows Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Larry Butz and more on x quest and y journey. I am not the first one to think of this mod as seen here...
  14. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Ordeal Pillar [v1.2] [COMPLETE]

    Anyone who entered its walls never returned to the village. Most of the time, an unmarked grave would appear on its grounds for each new "challenger." Other times, however, it seemed as though they vanished without a trace. DOWNLOAD (v1.2; current as of 5/8/2018)
  15. FortniteLover2


    Whelp you sick fricks, I've done it. After two months of an insane amount of playtesting for 4 rooms, I've finally finished. If you find any bugs, which you probably will, then feel free to share them so they get fixed. Previous versions: Current Versions: Link (ver.8)...
  16. Chop Suey!

    The Argon incident V0.2.4

    So after a long period of doing absolutely nothing I have decided to bring back the little mod I have been working on called: The Argon Incident. Note that it is still a heavy WIP. (The dialog in particular is downright non-existent.) New version 0.2.4! Color changes, and some bug fixes...
  17. Squaggies

    Grand Story ~ Gurandosutori (SiIvaGunner Tribute)

    Grand Story ~ Gurandosutori (Version 1.0.1) is a mod where all the songs in the Cave Story (freeware) soundtrack (minus the unused ones) have been edited to be joke versions of the songs (AKA High Quality Rips). If you don't get the references, I would recommend checking out SiIvaGunner (Not...
  18. P

    I will create weapon sprites for you.

    Basically, if you're making a mod and want some kind of unique gun sprite i'll help you out. All you have to do is tell me what weapon sprite you want me to replace, and what you would like it replaced with. I'm not very good at this quite yet so I cannot change projectiles at the moment. I will...
  19. Whoandwhy

    Vine Story+ Mod

    I once had a dream to make a mod for Doukutsu Monogatari, a mod for the Vinesauce community starring the main streamer and founder of the team; Vincent P. Pasta. That dream was promptly crushed when I found out that it would be massively difficult to portray the detail I wanted on such large...
  20. Leo40Story

    How 2 Mod: Cave Story

    NOTICE: I AM NOT WORKING ON THIS ANYMORE. Welcome! I present to you How 2 Mod: Cave Story, a tutorial on how to mod Cave Story... in the form of a Cave Story mod! This mod will describe every step of how to mod, from setting up to distributing your hard work! Note: This mod will not teach you...
  21. Leo40Story

    Cave Story - Boss Rush!

    I present to you all my second mod ever, a boss rush with a "plot". Take of that what you will. This mod is pretty much done; no further releases will happen, excluding bugfixes. Downloads are available here, in the "CS Boss Rush" folder. Changelog: Version 2.12 Quote is now actually on...
  22. Leo40Story

    Cave Story++ v0.04

    THIS MOD IS DEAD! So are the links, I've removed the files from my Dropbox to free up space. By the way, the mod crashes in Grasstown, since some of the patches replace code in some of the entities in there. This is just a mod to improve my TSC skills, so it's really nothing special. Download...
  23. Dabaski

    My Modifications

    I've been working on a mod for a very long time now, and i've fixed most of the bugs. I have planned for a full on MAC port, but haven't received the demands to produce one. So for right now it's on the PC. Download Version 1.6 Via Dropbox...
  24. FortniteLover2

    Escape the Room Story DEMO (V.2 just released!)

    This is a mod I made in around 8 - 12 hours. You have to escape some rooms. The mod is not complete. It took so long because I had to fix a lot of bugs. V.1: the Room Story V.2...
  25. Chop Suey!

    My first mod demo! "The Argon incident"(WIP) V0.1

    Hello everyone! just finished the demo for my first mod currently called "The Argon Incident". It is a very early demo so not much stuff only about 6 maps. There is not much story as of yet, but it starts with a member of the OSG (Official Space Guard) who receives a distress call form a OSG...