1. Kenzo_ITN

    FS_SF [Version 0.2A]

    Hello, FS_SF is a mod that i've been working on for a while it's my first mod. Current version: 0.2A Download So yeah, please give feedback and all that, I already know that the story sucks so far, but I plan to improve that.
  2. LawyerHero64

    Curly Story - Fourth Ending

    This is a mod I made. As you can see, it's Curly Story, but with HaydenStudios' fourth ending. I love you for making the fourth ending, Hayden. Be sure to read the Readme inside. Note: You might need WinRAR to download. Dunno. Download (Mediafire)
  3. JetHawk95

    Sonic Story

    Okay so all the way back in 2010 I was active on these forums a whole lot more and I was working on a mod entitled Sonic's Story. Now as you may have guessed it is a crossover of Sonic The Hedgehog and Cave Story, I wasn't exactly fantastic at modding back then but the mod had a lot of...
  4. zxin

    Cave Rap - A Cave Story Mod Made With Gizoogle

    Da name say it all. All tha text has been put trough Gizoogle. Da modz downlizzle be attached below. Da mod took roughly 5 hours ta make, hope you enjoy.
  5. zxin

    Muri (A Cave Story Mod)

    yeah ok remake being made maybe