1. Dabaski

    My Modifications

    I've been working on a mod for a very long time now, and i've fixed most of the bugs. I have planned for a full on MAC port, but haven't received the demands to produce one. So for right now it's on the PC. Download Version 1.6 Via Dropbox...
  2. FortniteLover2

    Escape the Room Story DEMO (V.2 just released!)

    This is a mod I made in around 8 - 12 hours. You have to escape some rooms. The mod is not complete. It took so long because I had to fix a lot of bugs. V.1: the Room Story V.2...
  3. Chop Suey!

    My first mod demo! "The Argon incident"(WIP) V0.1

    Hello everyone! just finished the demo for my first mod currently called "The Argon Incident". It is a very early demo so not much stuff only about 6 maps. There is not much story as of yet, but it starts with a member of the OSG (Official Space Guard) who receives a distress call form a OSG...
  4. Kenzo_ITN

    FS_SF [Version 0.2A]

    Hello, FS_SF is a mod that i've been working on for a while it's my first mod. Current version: 0.2A Download So yeah, please give feedback and all that, I already know that the story sucks so far, but I plan to improve that.
  5. LawyerHero64

    Curly Story - Fourth Ending

    This is a mod I made. As you can see, it's Curly Story, but with HaydenStudios' fourth ending. I love you for making the fourth ending, Hayden. Be sure to read the Readme inside. Note: You might need WinRAR to download. Dunno. Download (Mediafire)
  6. JetHawk95

    Sonic Story

    Okay so all the way back in 2010 I was active on these forums a whole lot more and I was working on a mod entitled Sonic's Story. Now as you may have guessed it is a crossover of Sonic The Hedgehog and Cave Story, I wasn't exactly fantastic at modding back then but the mod had a lot of...
  7. zxin

    Cave Rap - A Cave Story Mod Made With Gizoogle

    Da name say it all. All tha text has been put trough Gizoogle. Da modz downlizzle be attached below. Da mod took roughly 5 hours ta make, hope you enjoy.
  8. zxin

    Muri (A Cave Story Mod)

    yeah ok remake being made maybe