• There have been a couple of accounts stolen via compromised passwords this week, we will continue trying to fix them as they happen but I would suggest everyone change any basic passwords and check if they've been caught in a data breach, in case it affects any other websites with more sensitive personal information that they may also be on
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  • sup peeperonis, I'm just coming to say that Crapbug isn't a thing anymore. I know, I know. I'm working on other things, though, so keep your eyes open...I guess. I'm pretty active in the CSMC so you'll probably see more there if you're REALLY curious but hey, that's up to you, dood.

    Be safe out there. The world is wild, be wilder.
    Bruh. Peak this one. Like really, peak this one.

    No more Fortnite!
    No more cards!
    No more 19 dollar cards!

    You've been blocked...
    I'm making an RPG called Crapbug, here are some screenshots




    Expect more updates soon, if you guys want.......
    how are things for everyone? I feel like a lot of confusing and hardcore things have been happening recently. It's kinda crazy. I hope everyone is well!
    things are just ok for me but i am looking intensely at this picture of a waddle dee in a boat to feel better and i think you should too
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