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cave story

  1. 8-B1TPlayz

    Currently making a Cave Story Themed Blasterball 2

    If you never heard of BlasterBall 2 Revolution before, It's an Arkanoid, Breakout game launched on PC by Wildtangent. I managed to find the files to edit the levels of the game. I'd thought about making all the levels Cave Story themed and making a few changes to the game like editing sprites...
  2. GreenDev / Cucky

    Cave Story N64

    The title says it all. It's a port of Cave Story to the Nintendo 64. 16K EEPROM is required for game saves. Note: This project is confirmed to work on N64 hardware. However, it has issues running on Project64 specifically. Don't use Project64 until they fix their R4300i emulation, I guess...
  3. CurlySusan

    Cave Story GBC in the works!

    You thought it couldn't be done... This absolute madman is currently working on Cave story for gameboy color. Please send love his way! This opens doors to the DS/GBA port being completed.
  4. Raichu

    How do you change entity in Cave Editor/Change the main character to another NPC

    I am currently making a Cave Story mod in Cave Editor, and I was wondering how you change the NPC being edited in the NPC Table Editor. Also, can you change the main character (quote) to another NPC, like Curly or Sue for example? Maybe even an unused NPC?
  5. Forever


    Cave Story is forever
  6. LysisLyrics

    E P I C Hell (Sanctuary) speed run 1;24;1 (60 fps patch) (new world record????) :awesomeface:

    greetings:koron::critter: fellow j e n k a b a d d r e a m gamers. :hoppy::toroko2::pignon2::orangebell::momo::debug: so there i was :cool::(getting the secret fourth ending:rolleyes::awesomeface::p from HaydenStudio's :awesomeface:guide, and all of a su:mrgreen:dden BAM :greydroll::toroko: i...
  7. yelp

    Cave Story Deluxe 3.0 (again???)

    This is the third thread about cave story deluxe 2.0. but this time it's different, No more cringe and no rick rolls. I don't own NOTHING in any Shape, kind or form, The things inside this bundle goes to their respective owners. (and please read README.txts) honorable mentions: PIXEL, SkyeWelse...
  8. TheRealFinish

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    Hello everyone. I present to you, the Egg Corridor Challenge. This is my very first mod, so there will probably be lots of bugs and glitches. In this challenge, you have the starting weapons, the Polar Star and the Missile Launcher. You obtain the Missile Launcher later on, but I decided to...
  9. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Cave Story+ with a Complete Customized Soundtrack (revised)

    (Okay, for anybody who saw my previous thread, obviously it didn't go so well for me last time. But I corrected my one vital mistake pointed out to me. Now only the "data" folder is downloadable. Nothing illegal here. Is that alright?) Now, the premise is rather simple. Nothing has been added...
  10. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Is there any reason why Sue doesn't wear any pants?

    No, I'm serious. This thing has been confusing me ever since I thought about it. Again, why doesn't Sue wear any pants? If she was actually a Mimiga, then I can excuse that because it's not like most Mimiga, let alone most anthropomorphic animals in general, believe in pants. But she's not a...
  11. ZachThePillow

    CS+ Script editing

    I'm having trouble editing the script of Cave Story + I have used Cave Editor for modding Cave story freeware, and I can't seem to convert those files to CS+ if there's a program that allows me to edit the CS+ script directly, that would be great to know. (I have also used Plus Porter and it...
  12. DarthBishop

    Why do you play cave story?

    why do you play it, what are the reasons for playing such a good game.
  13. Mister.Hex

    How to change sound effect

    More precisely the text sound...
  14. -{MeteoriteGames}-

    Am I the only one who hates Itoh?

    So I just want to if anyone else had genuine hate for Itoh or any other character.
  15. TrashboxBobylev

    Platform Story [demo seven]

    Platform Story Something is hiding behind rows of platforms and walls... You wake up in a small room with a bed and a trash can, open the door and find yourself in a room. Can you reach the last door and find out the reason? Screenshots: Download zip here...
  16. MetalMathilda

    Ikachan font?

    I suppose this also applies to CS, but what Japanese font does Ikachan and CS use? It never seems to display right, and you can't speedrun the English translations. Ikachan 3DS also isn't allowed for any speedruns, so I need to know what font I need to download.
  17. Yugilord27

    The Mimiga Hero

    Ok, So this is my first mod, It's pretty much Quote....but a Mimiga. I made a few changes to the lore and items and also added some dialogue. Nothing much Things that are different! There is only one heath upgrade which adds ten hp Quote talks Machine Gun, now dubbed the AK-47 does 3, 6, and 9...
  18. Walrus_Guy

    ballos thing and youre good now

    if someone asked you to beat the ballos level area sacred ground and fight ballos now and you had your 50 health and everything and super missiles and whatever weapon you want (spur is the best though) what do you think is the chance you would be able to beat it? forget all time and trying to...
  19. Mash0Star

    Cave Story DSIWare version modding.

    I searched the internet for DSIWare and I found the cave story version in a .nds file. So I used NSMBE V 5.2 to take a look inside and I found this And as you can see it looks just like the data folder in the pc version of Cave Story!
  20. omegax45

    Is it possible to port cs mods to 3ds

    probably with cfw but don't know
  21. Mister.Hex

    Did you ever started a mod before forgetting and never touching it again ?

    Yesterday, while going through file and old stuff that I maked, I noticed an old mod that I think I started in early Summer before never touching it again. Thinks the point of the mod was to make a sort of action mod in dreams and in life doing pretty much nothing. It Was located just on my...
  22. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    Anyone know where to get a cavestory sprite editor
  23. Nelostic

    Cave Story Scale 2x with Filter

    Cave Story Scale 2x with Filter =) hqscaler.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/htp0xzxsroscwy0/CS 2x 3.rar?dl=0 2x Without Filter https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2m8edayhih9rdv/Cave Story 1X!.rar?dl=0 for (Graphics Enhancement Pack)
  24. YoshiPilot

    The Future of Cave Story on Mac.

    Welp, It's happening. In the 2019 version of macOS, 32 bit apps will no longer be able to run. This poses many problems, particularly Steam and lots of mac games. However, today I'll focus on Cave Story. I don't know if you know, but freeware Cave Story is 32 bit. This makes sense, as it was...
  25. Riyan

    Ikachan+ - A remastered version of Pixel's Ikachan (WIP)

    Hello everybody! A week ago I started working on a small project because I have a lot of spare time. My goal is to remake Ikachan from scratch with: Upgraded graphics (will still include the original graphics), Remastered soundtrack (will still include the original soundtrack too), (Maybe)...