• There have been a couple of accounts stolen via compromised passwords this week, we will continue trying to fix them as they happen but I would suggest everyone change any basic passwords and check if they've been caught in a data breach, in case it affects any other websites with more sensitive personal information that they may also be on
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    pizza pizza pizza its the best pizza it can fly and ba boom you are in space vroom you have pizza ship but its nice and clean pizza boom boom yay journey fun times maybe i should start the other space journey actually cant today sorry but yay back home boom remember forever story time it was pretty neat and yeah i saw a lot of cool stuff the gumballs that were a shower swoooooosh the wind of all and the giant field ba boom not a tree in the sight

    but what your profile picture of ignore my story or maybe make a good thing about it i dont really know ok thats all i have to say i have a lot of stuff to do oh no i shouldnt be typing exactly what i am typing right now instead i should be working ok bye
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