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  • I agree and would NEVER ask Pixel about legal questions. Others will keep asking him, unfortunately, I think.
    I really think the nicest thing you can do regarding Pixel when modding/fangaming/etc Cave Story is make as little noise about it as possible
    I did download the new version...
    It might just be my computer. I should probably hit the forums about that.
    But as of now, I am at home, and internetless :(
    1) Yes
    2) Lokvor is the name of the fictional realm where the events of TWoR take place.

    TPP's music style will of course be similar in that it will be mine, though it will be geared more toward the futuristic/sci-fi feel of TPP rather than the more medieval/fantasy feel of TWoR.
    Eh, I've made very little progress since last year. I think I'm just going to release small updates each year rather than try to do it all at once. That'll give me more time to work on The Paradise Project in the mean time. :)
    Hmm... Do you have the latest version (7.50)? It is released today and has some major bugfixes, not to mention some new eye candy :) Or is the game maybe downloading a map? Map downloading is slow via "UDP". Do you get some sort of error message? Does it freeze or quits to your operating system? I suggest posting about it on the Alien Arena forums (if version 7.50 doesn`t work for you either) giving as much details as you can (operating systems, systems specs). Usually the game developers themselves answer and that results in fixing the prob. I`ve forwarded your question but they`d prefer to post the message yourself. Best wishes and happy forthcoming holidays :)
    I started up the game and joined a match, and it worked pretty well. The only thing is that sometimes when I join a server, the game stops working.
    No luck yet... my girlfriend is making me do schoolwork, and studying for finals week haha
    I'll install it that way I don't forget, and a match would be cool. If AA works, I'll be all like :mahin: because you can have a left handed character.
    Hmm...I always download the game from the official site:, works fine and have no lag at all (literary) even at my relatively slow connection. What are your PC specs? I`ll forward your question to the "Rookies Corner" of the forums where technical questions are discussed. I suggest you try out our forums too, to meet our community. Will write back when I get an answer. Cheers
    Well, sometimes when I try to join a game, it closes the game. Also, when I try to manually exit the game, it freezes up and I have to call up a task manager. Also, I found the game to be very laggy, even when I was on a hard line.

    I downloaded the game form should I find another mirror?
    I can't get the game to perform properly on my computer... could that be due to a 64-bit operating system?
    "ragnarok" is a word for the Nordic end of the world. It's used a lot in various fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy which borrows a ton of crap from Norse mythology. There's also things like Ragnarok Online etc. that would cause people to use names like that.

    I'm just some guy who never settles on a nickname and my latest one happens to be ragnaroq!
    Oh yeah, forgot something. lol

    My computer is ought of commission, so I need to borrow my dad's laptop. I can't really do anything on here due to my parents being paranoid that I'll do something.

    Anyway, yeah, that's my excuse. XD I'll talk to ya at some point though!
    It is just possible that my forum-hattitude is reciprocal to my rl hattitude.
    Or maybe I just get all grandpa online.

    Thanks though. :p
    Eh, I'll give Nexiuz another go. :p

    Not that it'll convince me much, but, eh.

    I'd still recommend Quake over it any day. Plus, Quake's free and less of a hassle to use.
    Oh, by the way, on my blog sometimes you comments get pegged as spam by the machine; I think this would be less likely to happen in future if you left the space for website blank (there is one right? it keeps saying or something) and, if you don't want to use your real email then at least use the same non-email every time so that the system hopefully recognizes you.
    Ah, yes I used Sue's Workshop, but I seem to recall that Sue's doesn't like mods with custom resources (i.e. music). I'll see if I can find a version of revorshkenahl.exe with no custom music.

    As an alternative simpler solution, you could use the Cave Story saved game editor (which can be found on the Tribute Site) and increase your health by a lot.
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