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  • My laptop is sort of dead and most of everything relating to the mod is on it.

    Also I'm planning on porting the mod to C++, since having source files will make everything afterwards easier and it should make it easier to fix bugs (some of which exist in the current executable that I can't fix).
    I have a random theory. You use a French keyboard. I deduced this because on a French keyboard, the accent aigu key is in the exact same place as the apostrophe key on an English keyboard. If you press the accent aigu key twice, there will be two floating accent aigus. If you press backspace after that, you get the character that you use as an apostrophe. Am I correct?
    It's against the rules..
    when people reply to them, it makes cleaning them up more difficult.
    Speaking from experience. I believe you may use hubiera and habria in an IF sentence. And there is no difference, however hubiera is the preffered and better sounding of the two.
    CE has an issue where Wistil doesn't bother to clear leftover "junk" bytes in the mapdata, so the data has a very high inclination to becoming corrupted

    Perhaps some day soon there will be a better option...
    You know those fake directory sites you get when you mistype a url? Y'know, those ones that give you a page of semi-relevant links and say the domain may be for sale? A few years back they'd all have this generic stock photo of a college student. And for some reason I think it's the funniest thing ever
    The main problem I have with that whole thread though is generally what I consider to be a "good" mod violates 2 or 3 of the rules that he has specified.
    I would like to notify readers of Cave Story 2: Rise of the First Son, that I am starting it up again, and I have told my family to remind me of it everyday whenever they get a chance. I have even made an outline, and would like to say sorry for acting the way I did.
    I'm doing pretty good, kinda trying to reintegrate myself into the few communities I've been neglecting as of late.
    If you make a right move, it will be green.
    If you make a wrong move, it will be red.
    Make as many right moves as you can, don't worry if you make a wrong move.
    Go to and look up all the threads posted by Jed37. The only really good ones are Quill, Spike, and Aito, although there's also a nice little Rudolf edit (nothing too special, but a few new moves that he really should have had already)
    This is not a thing we can do, to my knowledge. It would really screw up threads and make things confusing for future readers...
    Well, I really hope your life will only get better :D
    Thank you for sharing that!
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