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    Show us your desktop

    The dust...cough...cough...
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    Hungarian commercial media

    Hungarian commercial media level: I have translated some headlines using Paint. BTW. TV2 AND RTL KLUB (RTL...) BROADCASTS FORETUNETELLING ALMOST ALL DAYS UNTIL NOON. P.S. SOZ 4 SOME TYPOS I'VE MADE THIS FAST....I did not translate some with sad news out of respect. BTW. HAPPY 2016 FORUMS :)
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    Shocking: we sort of still live in middle ages

    @SuperJaws100 True. I have just copy-pasted and edited an IRC PM conversation from IceChat. I have revised my post, hope it is a bit better :)
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    Shocking: we sort of still live in middle ages

    YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE THIS, BUT THIS IS TRUE. SADLY. TRUE. I was invited to a doctors conference organized by a medical Society - doctors came from the neighboring 4-5 countries. They were talking about: Adam and Eve, creationism, "all those who think differently are not human beings" and that...
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    Whatever is sold for money cannot be unbiased. Drugs are certainly not unbiased. * There were several instances companies bought the most elite academic opinion. Besides drugs are - speaking on a non-medical level- usually provide symptomatic and NOT CAUSAL therapy. I have learned their...
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    It is maybe weird to hear this from a doctor, but I do not see better aid against depression than books of Dr. Joseph Murphy. My colleges would probably disagree, but this is my honest opinion.
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    No it is not. I speak Serbian and Croatian on a native level which is the language of Bosnia too (I live in Serbia). I have never heard of such a word. You cannot even write a "ch" in those languages, you will write a "č" or "ч".. You were just joking anyway I think lol
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    Moon craters

    I tried to videotape the telescope view of the moon. Moon craters and mountains:
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    Poll: Dragonball Z - is it still good?

    This thread is for the Dragonball fans of this forum :) A topic that is popular again especially in the wake of the new Dragonball Z movies. Vote :)
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    The hardest achievements you've ever achieved

    Online gaming: won a R.A.T.3, at an Alien Arena tournament
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    Happy International Day of Happiness everyone!

    Yup. Happy International Day of Happiness everyone :) u2UP86bciVA
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    Amateur astronomy

    Hi, my hobby is amateur astronomy and I have some cool things for you which you can see with your unaided eye and simple binoculars: Unaided eye: -Do you want to see Jupiter, Venus, Mars or Saturn with your own unaided eyes? Did you know that they are usually they are the brightest "stars" on...
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    Cave Story's Globally Diverse Audience?

    Serbia I am an amateur astronomer, so I have to jump in :-P This is how I get it: A solar system refers to a star and all the objects that travel in orbit around it. Our solar system consists of the sun - our star - eight planets and their natural satellites. Of course, in casual talk, we...
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    Music...In General

    Artist: Ludwig van Beethoven Favorite work: Missa Solemnis Reason: Beethoven was a mystic not a mere music composer. This is the music of the philosophy which describes nature and it's laws, shows the true divine nature of man, teaches love, empowers with seemingly "supernatural" powers, gives...
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    Thank you. That was my 30th

    Thank you. That was my 30th