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  • So my character's ready for Tier 2 now, I'll be busy for the next few days but after that I should be good to go
    Advertising your channel would be alright with me. It's related to the forums, after all. As well, other members have done it in the past for music or other stuff.

    Saying whether a mod is "Good" his highly subjective. It doesn't have anything to do with the level of technical prowess put into it, how fancy your graphics are or how many spike pits it has. I guess it's like, all of them at once but also none of them. For example, there are lots of great mods that don't have any assembly hacks at all (Revorshkenahl comes to mind). If you've made something, I say you should share it. The feedback rate isn't as... stellar, as it was back in 2009, but everybody loves to see new mods.

    And it's not like we have some minimum standards to meet. This isn't SMW Central or something ;]

    Also, good to see you again :mahin:
    <3 Machinae Supremacy
    Finally got around to downloading some more songs other than that Jets N' Guns soundtrack.
    Well, mine (actually a not so new Bose pair) have great sound quality, much netter than any other headphones I have. Plus they cancelled sound and the "wrap-around" quality of te speakers adds some intense bass if that's what you're looking for.
    I use mine for virtually everything, watching tv on my phone, using the computer, etc.
    But they usually cost upwards of $100 for a cheap pair, so it is a sizeable investment.
    From what metal I've heard on my Bose, yeah i'd say the sound is much improved.
    Hey Cyo. Add me ( to IM if u want. We could organize a match more easily that way. Btw. I am very very bad at Nexuiz, but sportsmanship counts after all.
    Take your time, I'd rather have a well thought out and late response than a rushed early one. I won't be making any decisions for a while anyway.
    I certainly wouldn't drop the whole mod. The whole deal is the considerable time investment the hack entailed, and I can't stand to see the work go to waste. The hack is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire mod. Anyway, I just wish that Nicalis would respond to my emails in a timely manner.
    I asked Nicalis for permission. Permission to perhaps share with the other modders, and permission to use it for my mod. What do I do if they say no to both?
    oh, awesome! Once I'm done with all these cavestory hacks, I'll be sure to check it out. I'm actually pretty huge into NES game hacks, though I haven't played any in awhile 83
    and yeah, it's a little off-putting that I've already met at least two guys here that seem really 'hard to please' so to speak but I still wanna *try* and ... y'know, make friends, not enemies :C
    i take a moment to check your profile here, since you added me on steam... to see you're talking about METROID

    ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHH i love metroid <3
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