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  • im ok lol i was with my coach training (Rapping) sorry about that but when i rap i go into a mental state where i block everything out to keep my mind focused on one thing. i got a big show coming up soon so im rehearsing whenever i can.
    Ah, that was kinda fun. I added 5 short chapters to finish up coverage of CE fundamentals. I've got it on a word document, so if I ever finish up enough to make it to ASM I could post it for real somewhere.
    Hmm, you know, I might. When DB came out with his guide, it was a little bit discouraging I might say, but if you thought it was alright then maybe I'll plug away at it. I mean, it never hurts to have a bunch of different guides with different styles and such, hm?

    I'm glad you liked my avatar :] I've had the idea for awhile now but not the time to draw it until lately. As for yours, I'm not really sure. It kinda reminds me a bit of John A. Macdonald or George Washington, but that might be because those are the only old dead guy names I know.
    Why do you young'uns all look up to me so much? I'm a dick.
    Alright, well, you reiterated your statements about sweat across three different posts, editing them each time someone posted. Don't edit your posts unless you made a mistake.
    Most of the time you do just fine though, so don't worry about it. It was a dumb argument that was off-topic anyway.
    Hope your pc gets fixed soon, and hey thats what im here for, to help people out. :D and im glad you got some nice books aswell.
    Hey sonic Story is 99% finished just havnt realesed it lol. You got instant messagin like MSN or sumthing?
    Oh, no, he's not for my mod. That's just Kanpachi with a fedora that I made for the "Yay for Kanpachi" thread, but I thought he looked rather dashing so I kept it around. And thanks; I do plan to continue it once Christmas break is over, I've just been working more on my mod of late.
    no problem :D

    (edit: I just realized 3 of the five messages I posted on ur profile have the :D emoticon. For some reason that amuses me...)

    There ya go! :D

    And do you mean like a textbook of music theory and/or composition? Well I do have Benner Theory for Piano Students which is a set of five relatively short books which could help get you started, but you might wanna ask some of the other musicians (GIRaka, Kurokun, Jethawk, rtnario, Uncy Dave to name a few) to see if they might recommend anything better.
    I know that. That second sentence was for Kurai, I was just careless with Copy/Paste so this sentence ended up in the visitor message for you.
    Sorajima Monogatari isn't my mod. Though if it was, I'd be more than happy to add it.
    Maybe, though I hadn't really planned on doing any more extra work on it (at least not any time soon) since I have my Christmas mod and The Paradise Project to work on.
    Heya! Thanks a bunch! Lol! No it's not mine, it is a midi from the game Super Robot Taisen. It's still got a way to go but I'm glad you like it. ^_^ Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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