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  • Glad you like it!

    I don't actually make them, I got them from Winamp. But I can tell you what your problem was with the back ground importing thing. What you should do is either make a new paint file to put your new background on and save it as a completely different file, but make sure you save it as a .pbm file. Then you'd have to change the background of whatever map you want it on. That, or you can delete a background file, make a new one, and save it under the name of the old one, and then there won't be any colour problems.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the tundra. But the first demo does end after the second boss fight. And I removed the link to illustrated cause there were a lot of bugs at the time. But then I just gave up on it completely 'cause I wasn't so satisfied with it.
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure most of it can be found somewhere in the "show off your org music" thread. Glad you liked it! :D
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