1. Full-length_Olivie

    CS - Olivie's Remapped Edition!

    Are you tired of going through the same floating island? Tired of having items that doesn't have any porpuse? Then this mod is right for you! * - . - About this mod - . - * This mod is focused on making the original island in a Fresh and Difficult experience! The island is full of monster...
  2. TablePointFive

    Playing .ogg files through CSE2EX

    Hey folks! I'm new to CS modding, and I'm making a satire mod. One of the things I want to do is play a .ogg file during the credits instead of "The Way Back Home". I have looked through the files and figured that it has something to do with SDL2's audio functionality. I would appreciate if...
  3. Tempmarrow

    Which Cave Story modding software should I use?

    Hey, I really wanna go into modding but I don't really know which software for modding Cave Story is the best one, for me the best one would be more features or maybe a beginner friendly modding software. Any tips on which one?
  4. Dr_Glaucous

    Dr_Glaucous's mega mini mod thread

    I'm not one for alliteration, but I couldn't resist that title. Anyway, I'm dedicating this thread to mods that I've made that I want to share, but I feel are too small to get their own individual threads. All of them are hosted on Doukutsu Club, but the search engines don't seem to like that...
  5. Broliant112

    Mod Help

    I'm new, and I'm using Cave Editor. What do I use to transfer from room to room, like a door?
  6. gereffjeff

    How to mod cave story +

    I got a mod and I want to know how to use plus porter and then actually make the mod work when I boot up the game. also I use epic games version.
  7. EnlightenedOne

    The Sushi Strikes Back (DE-FINitive Edition)

    Hey, remember that unremarkable mod I made in a few days for Modfest 2017? Well it's been over 3 years and I finally *finished it! *Finished it with the same scope it originally had, so it's still that one big map for 80% of the mod. You hunger for a California Roll, but the Super Sushi Shack...
  8. haydn_fangirl

    Fun stuff to replace weapons

    So for my first mod I'm making a simple one where you get the Blade and only the Blade for the entire game (yes, it'll be op in the beginning, but isn't curbstomping fun when you're on the giving end? Just kidding I plan on changing the earlier levels to be harder (if I decide I do want to take...
  9. Brayconn

    All-Seeing Eye - An editor for Guxt

    You can mod Guxt now. Source / Download / Docs Edit by DT: Keep all game editing discussion in this thread Put mods and such here There's also now a how to use intro guide thanks
  10. MatWRT

    How to edit the death animation?

    I'm trying to change the animation when the character dies, and replace the "exploding into smoke" with something else (like King Strife and Sacrifice) There is any way to do this without ASM? Or there is any way to spawn an entity where the player died with the death script?
  11. yelp

    Cave Story Deluxe 3.0 (again???)

    This is the third thread about cave story deluxe 2.0. but this time it's different, No more cringe and no rick rolls. I don't own NOTHING in any Shape, kind or form, The things inside this bundle goes to their respective owners. (and please read README.txts) honorable mentions: PIXEL, SkyeWelse...
  12. Mint

    Using OoB tiles in your maps

    I'm a bit out of touch with the modding communities so I can't confirm but as far as I know this is a little useful quirk that isn't too well known, and I felt like it might as well be documented in a post like this. Basically this is gonna be a post on the behavior of tilesets regarding the use...
  13. H

    How do I install mods for the freeware version?

    I beat Hell and the Wind Fortress, and I`m looking for something new, but I have no idea how to make mods work in Cave Story. I don`t see a "mods" folder, but I have a "data" folder generated by the mod I downloaded and a "profile.dat" that I can`t open.
  14. Mash0Star

    Cave Story DSIWare version modding.

    I searched the internet for DSIWare and I found the cave story version in a .nds file. So I used NSMBE V 5.2 to take a look inside and I found this And as you can see it looks just like the data folder in the pc version of Cave Story!
  15. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    Anyone know where to get a cavestory sprite editor
  16. TheSocialDalek

    Would it be possible to slow down the 'Life Capsule' animation.

    Essentially, I just wanted to know if it was possible to slow down the 'Life Capsule' animation. Another question I had was if there was a way to change the "Studio Pixel Presents..." text at the beginning of the game. Please only respond with answers, as I really want to get the answers so that...
  17. Brayconn


    This has been out on the CSMC for a bit now, but I figured the forums would probably like a link. CMPGenerator is a modding tool that aims to make the process of creating large CMP/SMP TSC commands easy. It's 99% feature complete right now, with the last 1% being a few extra options/quality of...
  18. AlmaHexie

    it is possible to change the localisation of the life bar,weapon or even create new and how ?

    i looked at the beta picture of cave story and I tried to remake the heart bar.After i failed,I ask myself if we can change the hud weapons reinstore money and all that good stuff.Maybe with the original program that pixel use but that would be a lot search so I dunno,idea ?
  19. AlmaHexie

    Glitches that shouldn't happens

    I got a glitches with my mod in a room,Everytime the player enter the room,it's just loop the fades effect and go in every room I tried the <END command but still there and so I change the Event of the door so it's wrong but it change do the same thing but with this room
  20. FortniteLover2


    After I spent about 3-4 months on it, it is finally done. No demos or anything like that, this is the full mod you've all been dreading waiting for! You play as the gunsmith, on his journey to create the polar star. You meet several new companions, and make several new enemies. Travel through...
  21. LxLe

    3DS Porting

    I just ported a Cave Story Mod, #4 by VB, to the Nintendo 3DS using NXEngine. Sure, it may require loading from a save and has other issues but it runs on 3DS!
  22. A

    Where do I start?

    I am thinking about a mod I could make and was wondering how the pros make mods? Where do you start?
  23. FortniteLover2

    Halloween Mini-Modcon (HMM) 2017

    Oh boy another modcon :mahin: VB'S HALLOWEEN MINI-MODCON :debug: nice. This is new. I'm not sure if it'll work or not. Well, I'm making a modding contest. A mini modding contest. Here's the info! Alrighty. Get modding! :pignon2:
  24. Q*Bert Reynolds

    Looping vs Non-Looping music in TSC files

    I've been rewriting Cave Story with Unity3D, and I've run into a slight dilemma parsing TSC files. "<CMU" cues music to play, but some songs loop and others don't. Is there a way to tell the difference? Is it contextual (ie. if you just received an item, it's not looped), or are individual songs...
  25. EnlightenedOne

    Using OOB TSC flags to exploit memory

    Hey, so I've always been telling myself that after I'm done with modding I'll post these, but since: 1. I don't know when that will be. 2. I have a habit of randomly disconnecting from this place, never intending to come back. 3. It ain't doing any favors and is kinda selfish I guess? 4. The...