1. Dabaski

    My Modifications

    I've been working on a mod for a very long time now, and i've fixed most of the bugs. I have planned for a full on MAC port, but haven't received the demands to produce one. So for right now it's on the PC. Download Version 1.6 Via Dropbox...
  2. TheForgottenOne

    [FINALLY] It's dangerous to mod alone. Here, take this!

    First and foremost, hello again. Been a while, hasn't it? Social obligations out of the way, I bring you... The KimiTech Industries Nearly-Complete Modding 101 Package A lot of this is an (old) attempt at consolidating my (old) modding guide, the required tools etc. that I just never got...
  3. Goerge Bobicles

    Taking Mod Art Requests

    Do you suck at sprite art? Do you find it hard to manage between making new graphics and working on other things such as scripting and level design? This is the thread for you I am now doing commissions for custom graphics. here are the guidelines: you can only request 2 a month try to give...
  4. DoubleThink

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Got some modding difficulties, and you're not sure what to do about them? Search function isn't helping? Ask here! Quick answers for quick questions, as provided by our unfriendly and unhelpful modding crew. New threads should still be made for more complex problems, or things like hacking...