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  • Ohh... it was about that vm you left on your own profile
    It made me sad to see..
    Yeah, I'd call it Pixel Art. Basically I go through three steps - shaping, shading, and then detailing/antialiasing. I couldn't really explain it in much more detail than that because, well, I don't know. It just happens!
    It's not the best I've ever done, but then again I've never drawn cake before. Did you see my Kitty Quote? It's one of my favourites so far
    Then chocolate it is!
    I just have this thing lately where I'm imitating Pixel's Neko100 so everything is cat-themed. I thought maybe you wouldn't mind?

    To make up for it I made you a cake
    the only way I know how...
    Chocolate or Vanilla? It's whichever you like best >.>
    Oh no, it's a long story why I deleted everyone from everything, it wasn't just you. Oh, and yes. Skype phone sex is the best that the internet can offer. I really haven't been this open before, discussing about fapping and all that, but then again there really isn't anything else to say anymore. Also, that sex thread got deleted. ;-;
    Unfortunately you don't get any special things on your 24th birthday.
    But I'm pretty sure that's not a huge issue.
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