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  • Yeah WTF-Easy was made in response to the outcry against the difficulty of WTF-story (regular difficulty). Even though it's a bunch easier, it's still fairly difficult. It's just a bit hard to judge the difficulty curve when I'm as skilled at cavestory as I am (I can get under 3 mins on my hell run on the PC). I got one of my friends to play through the first area who like barely played any cave story, and she got through it without much difficulty though. However chapter 1 is the only chapter that's really been heavily modified for easy mode, and tested too. But the extra hp you start out with, along with the fact that your guns do more damage and that enemies and bosses have less hp should help you a bunch.

    I'll probably have to end up going through WTF-easy again, to make it more easier.
    Noxid and Fahrenheight are both pretty friendly.

    And don't worry, ya just had a bad start with the wrong bunch, it's okay. ^^
    It's just because CaptainFaggot is a dickface and I wanted to smite him and you only had two friends.
    Ah, yes, Metroid.

    Or, to be precise, METROID: PHAZON, my two year hack of the nes game. ^^ I had a serious metroid addiction two years ago and what you see now is the result.

    Feel free to try it, it's not overly difficult.

    Oh, yeah, one final thing. Feel free to ignore Fire, he tends to act more or less like an immature brat.
    1. I never said I didn't like Alyx's character. I never, ever said that. I said I don't like her as an NPC. Turn up your hearing aid.
    2. Alright, fine, I don't understand the artistic value of games. I'm a stupid kid, obviously.
    3. I swear to God, if you compare me to furries one more time, I will come to your house in a fursuit just because it would be ironic. I admitted I'm a furry because it's true, not because I'm proud of it. I'm only going to explain this once, so don't bother arguing with me about it: I AM NOT A GOD DAMN FURFAG.
    And now this discussion is over, because you're obviously just trolling me now. Well, good job, you got me, but don't ever lump me in with the real furries.
    Don't pull that "back in my day" crap. Good games don't need to be put in perspective. If a game isn't fun to play, it's not a good game, it's a good interactive movie. And stop thinking I have no idea why Half-Life is a great game; I can recognize why without an English degree, thanks. Don't get all "UNDERSTAND WHY HL2 IS A GREAT GAME," all I'm criticizing are the friendly NPCs, which I find very annoying when there's a grenade in front of me and I can't back up because Alyx's fat ass is blocking the doorway.

    Anyway, cookie cutter female. She doesn't break any boundaries; most video game heroines share at least half those attributes you listed.
    I use CE, since it's still being updated and has the most features (pretty much everything SW has). The best reasons I've heard that people use SW is that it's a bit easier to use (since it has less stuff, so it might be a bit less confusing your first time through) and that it's prettier. But CE really has so much more, I recommend you use it.

    Also the track I use is Psycle; It's freeware, like everything I use to make my remixes.

    Also if you haven't, maybe play my mod :D ?
    First of all, movies don't have terrible squad mechanics, annoyingly large hitboxes, and near-useless combat AI. Second, I want you to list how Alyx is different from cookie-cutter female leads.
    Thanks for the comments/compliments. I like remixing Cave Story's soundtrack since:
    -Cave Story's soundtrack is awesome
    -Gives me some experience with the tracker I'm using, so I can make better music (it's a learning experience)

    Thermal winds is probably my favorite too, since Geothermal was one of my big favorites. I'm happy with how the other ones have turned out of course.

    I don't have time to remix that much always, since normally I have both school and WTF story to work on (making a mod takes a lot of work!).
    You don't need to get pissed off at me just because I treat a video game character differently. I'm not mad at you.
    You seem to be treating Half-Life 2 like a good movie, or a good book. Sadly, it wouldn't make either of those things, but that's not the point. Alyx is a good character. She's rounded out, has motivation, personality, etc. But she's not a fun NPC. Valve stuck me in a series of games where I have to put up with her shitty AI for most of them, and by Episode Two I hated everything she did. Reading about Alyx would be one thing, interacting with her is another.
    Any engineer worth his metal can easily hold off anything uber'd for the duration so long as it is within Sentry range.
    Bad TF2 joke is bad. Newfag is new. Ragnaroq who has never played TF2 before in his life is Ragnaroq who has never played TF2 before in his life.
    This is incredible really top notch.
    MG stands for MiraiGamer. As for doom text, set your skin to CS light or default and read those posts by lace and GIR about armpit hair and I hope you will see what I mean.
    And the Mimiga 'pimp' is Kanpachi. Around here there is no greater being in existence. Check the yay for kanpachi thread for further enlightenment.
    I'm sorry I just can't help myself but your not knowing MG tenents like doom text is pretty awesome.
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