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  • Steam works too.
    We could compromise and do both steam AND skype, but none of this can happen at this time because I am confined to my phone for now, which is limited to basic phone-type Skype which is no good

    Also my handle on both of those things is this one
    a superb idea.
    However, which one?
    Imma say skype because I ditched everything else but last summer.
    I could reinstall AIM if you'd rather do that though.
    Okay, so to reply to Part 2 of the adventure:

    Lmao, that's weird about your friend. I'm 24 and have never had absolutely any "luck with the ladies" but I love the show to death and would have no matter what my age, I know it. I've just always been that kind of sensitive guy that would never act too 'manly' for something or something like that and would quite enjoy anything even very 'wussy' if it's well-done or whatever. I guess some guys try too hard to be manly, especially in their teen years -- my older step bro who was my best friend back in the day being a prime example. I guarantee you he's into ponies now if he knows about them, though.

    When you talk about "cool guys but who have nerdy tastes and are into all the best music and get along with everyone" it sounds exactly like my older brother. Blood brother, not step brother. He was so cool and popular and loved by everyone and so many older kids and teachers would tell me stories about him and all this, yet he was always so into nerdy things and still is, like rpgs, epsecially stuff like Final Fantasy, and all that kind of stuff. It's weird, we couldn't be more different in most ways, especially physically, and had such diifferent school experiences, but now in post-highschool we seem to be exactly the same and both have life-crushingly severe social anxiety, though he won't even admit it (it's obvious he has it, though). I think we have it in different ways, though, and would be able to succeed if we worked together --- but I'm getting off on a whole 'nother tangent here. Long story short, I was always a huge sensitive brainiac growing up but I had loads of friends until highschool, then suddenly and severely was ostracized and had zero friends and life sucked. So!

    Yeah, I dunno, I've hardly roleplayed in years, and mostly when I did in the past it was battle stuff, or like dragons and crap when I was younger (non-furry stuff), robots fighting, megaman characters in this amazing strict-to-join-but-so-laid-back-once-you-were-in rp thing, roleplaying in games like everquest and eq2 with my step bros and their friends who were huge on rp, etc. I have done some furry rp and crap but it's few and far between, and that's getting to the point of stuff I'd rather not have on shoutboards lmao. It's been awhile since I've done anything like that except kind of as a joke and stuff anyway. But ponies offer a unique and fun opportunity, I think the idea of making your own character and picking the race and ability/mark etc would be so sososo fun and neat and then you could go on adventures with others or just rp living in a town or something and aldkfsjflkj it'd be SO COOL if it was in a mature enough community that wouldn't have horrible unipeg OCs with 209428 powers and all that. I dunno, you might enjoy something like that if you had a GOOD rp with kind and mature people to rp with, and feel less sheepish around, but yeah. I dunno, though, the creepy stuff messes with me, I don't mind even the 'creepiest' pony art or this or that but the actual RP tends to be so silly, and so out of character and out-of-universe feeling and lafksfdj i dunno. Espeeeeecially when it's done publically lol. But /shrug.

    Oh god, so young! Every single time i meet someone and even if they're mature and give me no reason to think they're younger than 18 or so, they're younger. Then it ends up they're EVEN younger than that, every time. Man, it sucks. I know I'm probably making you feel bad, but it's really mostly me being pissed I'm so old. I wish so bad I could just freeze my age. I don't want to be some old fart compared to all the people who're into things i'm into, and damned if it makes me sound like peter pan or something, I'm always gonna be a kid at heart. I'm always going to be into crap like video games and especially animation more than anything. It's just who I am, who I'll always be. I'm not going to become the "generic man" society wants me to be no matter how bad it wants it -- yet I'm not going to do some stupid shit like actuallly want to ever be labelled a manchild or seriously want to be a kid forever or w/e, just a kid at heart. The kinda guy who'd make toys or cartoons for a living for his adult life, y'know. And I know age shouldn't matter much, but... damn, lol. Hopefully you're at least able to take in all the stuff I'm saying and none of it is boring or stupid or anything, at least.

    Idk why you think you're a weird age for a meetup, though. I guarantee if you went to one no one'd care.

    Aaaand I dunno what you mean by leaving the forums or w/e, I don't come here enough to really know what goes on, but cool, I guess!!!!!! you making the >:3 face at that one comment earlier made me feel like i can probably be comfortable about talking about "horrible things" like that, though, so lol (but considering the age difference, I'd probably feel kinda bad to too much)
    Oh man sorry xD
    You can have all night to edit your reply to match, since I'm calling it a day for now.
    Also, those figures I have are each about an inch tall, they're pretty much as discreet as is gets.
    I haven't even dreamed of a plushie, I've never seen one for sale D:
    But I'd have to agree, Pinkie would make the best plushie.
    Agh I'm not done yet don't read it all D:

    I have to edit it over and over again, I was demoted to my phone

    Okay I think I'm done now
    Okay, buckling down to write the crap out of this message.

    I basically had the same furry experience you did, I wouldn't say I grew out of it so much as it became just another normal, less important aspect of life for me. I never spent time with other "furries" or joined any communities based around it, and I rarely if ever identified myself as part of that subculture. Mostly because I didn't see it as a 'lifestyle' as others do, it was just more of a thing I liked (a bunch). I generally didn't join groups revolving around a common interest (these forums of course being an exception), because that's generally where my similarities with other members ended.
    But for some reason, it was different with MLP. We were all just regular guys, but somehow there was sort of a mindset that everyone shared, and it was the kind of people I would hang out with normally. It was a diamond in the rough so to speak, where everywhere around seemed dull in comparison to such a colorful group of people. I think that got me even more engrossed in the series, in the end.

    But recently there seemed to be sort of a disconnect between to "factions" of people calling themselves Bronies, where older members would hold themselves above other (generally younger) watchers. It's really hard for me to identify with either side, really. I agree with the older members most of the time, with their moderation outside of the internet, and their general belief on how people should be treated. But on the other hand, it takes a lot to be okay with the fact that you're shunned by a subculture you want to be a part of; older Bronies may have had issues being okay with their taste in shows in life, but being a younger fan gets you excluded not only outside of the internet, but in the group where you should be most accepted.
    Of course, I lose most of that respect everytime some younger member spams "20% COOLER EXPLODED TWICE LOL" in the brony community I check regularly.
    Really, having such a massive dichotomy in a group I once came to to escape all the aggression and opposing forces everywhere else has really put a damper on the giddiness I felt before.
    Sometimes it feels like the magic just isn't there anymore, and that's certainly not a pleasant thought.

    I've found that talking to individual people is much more enjoyable, since you can decide who those people are (I mean, duh, but you get what I mean). For some reason, talking to one member, no matter what category the fit into, is easier than being part of a group discussion with people I don't see eye to eye with.

    But even the "worst of the worst" of Bronies are miles ahead of the worst of other communities. No matter how sick of the idiocy I see on the internet I get, I can always chill out with a discussion of which minor character is the best, or what's going to happen next episode. The more I look at it, the more into the show I realize I am.
    By the way, spring for an on-model figure if you have the spare coin, they're as good as they look in photos, see mine here.

    I don't really appear to people as obsessed with the show as I actually am, as if they expect me to jump around loudly telling everyone what my favorite cartoon is. Despite the incredible luck I had with some of my closest friends, I have a few who are polar opposites to them. Sadly, my doppelgänger Gavan isn't a fan of the show at all, he's always hating on it loudly when I'm around him (which is all the time, we're pretty close). In every other aspect we're alike, be it taste in music, taste in writing, GPA, whatever, we're equal.
    [honestly, I think it's because he's insecure about himself, he sadly hasn't had any luck with the ladies]
    It gets on my nerves sometimes, it almost gets me upset how brazen he can be. Lessened of course by the fact that he is usually outnumbered in opinion 3:1, but it makes me wonder how people can be so animistic sometimes.
    Whoa, where did all that come from? That kinda just slipped out.
    Anywho, it's almost the polar opposite for my other friend. He and I were always the least "uncool" out of our circle of friends, with our weirdly "cool" music tastes and what not. We have never had a problem with being total nerds, which we are, but somehow we can get along with pretty much anyone. Basically, he is the "cool" kid of our group (I wish there were better words to describe it than that). When he mentioned to me he was considering watching the show, a few weeks after I completed it, I was nonplussed. He was literally the last person I'd expect to enjoy the show, and that's what I love about the series. You never can tell who will enjoy it. I only wish you could've had such luck D:

    I've never seen how can someone can be so into roleplaying (the creepy kind). Fanfictions? Okay, I get that, I can even enjoy those occasionally. But just the concept of roleplaying makes me feel sheepish; to each their own, I guess. Yeah I've seen people like that too, who just cannot do anything but discuss the show, draw the show, love the show. I shy away from that, but I can definitely understand how that could happen to someone, there's just so much to be a part of.

    Yeah I'm pretty much 17 at this point. Still 16, though, so I think I'd either be generally too old or too young for most meetups.

    And don't worry about you comic of as creepy or whatever, as you can see I went through some of the same things. Plus, if I weren't totally fine with things like that by now, I would probably have left the forums xD
    Well, that's not what I had in mind, but that too >:3 I'm not going to lie and say those went unnoticed when I was watching.
    Ah I didn't really mean exploitable, my friend keeps saying that when referring to episode 3's faces, like Rainbow Dash in sunglasses, Celestia's skeptical face towards the end, just faces that were meant to be copy-pasted errywhere
    garghl I wrote out so much stuff but my page refreshed and I lost all of it I'll write it again tomorrow, I'm too tired to be cohesive, and that killed all my motivation.
    I read your book though, and I have relevant things to say in reference to it.
    More obnoxious members of the fandom can really bug me sometimes; it's okay to like the show, but there's definitely a line between being a fan and fanaticism. I love the show, don't get me wrong, and I talk about it often with my other brony friends, but (not to generalize) many younger fans of the show don't see eye to eye with myself. Even fans my age can be a little... energetic for my taste, and I am definitely an energetic person.
    You know, the more I think about it, the more obsessed I seem, what with my figures and portraits and artwork, I suppose it's all about how you deliver your preferences I suppose.

    I hesitate to use the word conversion, it paints it in sort of a... religious light that I see used too often (phrases like "came out of the closet as a brony," "converted my friends," etc.). All I did was suggest the show to them and they complied, it was their openness rather than my dutiful pestering that benefitted them.
    I'd think attending a meetup would be pretty awesome, but I hesitate as I am on the younger side of the spectrum, I feel as if I would be classified as I classified younger members just now D:
    You fit the bill better than I do.

    Also, I totally thought there was going to be a two-week gap between Lesson Zero and Luna, that totally pumped me up for the weekend xD
    I have braced myself as I did for the wave of Twilight not a few days ago, but I fear this surge may overtake the last. To be fair, though, I was definitely not expecting all the exploitable content in that episode.
    I wasn't really into western animation for the longest time, but MLP has opened me up to the concept, in a sense.
    I'm kind of an animation geek also, but I haven't had too much time to sit down and watch a show recently D:
    I remember picking up the show during the summer, and I didn't tell anyone for the longest time. I didn't think anyone would respect the fact that I watched it, I was fairly apprehensive about it. I remember talking to one of my better friends, and he casually brought it up; he wasn't sure if he should watch it or not. Of course I told him to, and went off on a little tangent about it and whatnot. One of my other friends was there, and he picked up on the idea also. Three months later, and both of my best friends are bronies. xD Who would've guessed

    I know how you feel, after all, I started watching the show with little regard to everyone else, although I was mildly concerned.
    Yeah, thanks for that :3
    Wow, now that you mention it, the discord series is a perfect wrap-up for the season.

    No, sadly I was not around during season one, I picked up the series in early July. I suppose that explains everything, knowing the sporadic release dates is somewhat settling.
    I remember seeing your signature back when it featured a link to watch MLP, I remember thinking "wow, if one thing's for sure, it's that I won't be watching that show anytime soon."
    Little did I know...
    xD maybe a little broken

    Kidding, and sorry about the delay, I was super-multitasking when I saw your reply and it didn't register until now D:
    Discord's gotta be one of my favorite minor characters, I wouldn't mind seeing him again.
    And at this rate it may take a while, with all these delays between episodes. Any idea why there's all this waiting? I mean, if they produced like they did last season, the non-pilots should be done rendering by now, since they all render simultaneously.
    It's like Half Life 2 all over again >:
    I really enjoyed discord D:
    You could never be sure what he was going to do; I can tell the animated had fun on that episode.

    And picture conversations are lame so I'll put it here:
    Wow nice arts sir, they look really crisp.
    No, I haven't uploaded anything besides those two, I'm kinda waiting until I get a tablet to start considering to put stuff up.
    I appreciate your signature, but if I may suggest an alternative:
    That show never ceases to amaze me
    I was speechless for about half of a minute when I saw that and knew it must be in signature.
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