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  • Hey,i just checked out that amazing weapon hack you made. I stumbled upon it when i was trying to explore and understand the weapon hackign process. Do you think you could help me a little? I'm very new to the scene. I'm trying to make a melee weapon otu of the blade. A actual sword. A weapon that gets to be the most powerful weapon, but retains a very short range so it looks like it is being held. Do you know how that could be made possible?

    I'll continue my solo research but just wondering if you knew how to do somethign liek that.
    Ah, thanks!
    *Copies and pastes into a .txt*
    But, er, what do the numbers to the side mean?
    Would a number, say, to the right of 02 and below 07 be entity 27?

    But again, thanks :D
    Awww, shucks, I figured as much... :rolleyes:
    Though the search thing gets a little flicked with this sort of stuff {Took me forever to find something like the NPC document because it wouldn't take NPC for being a 3 letter word}, I'll try again.
    Alright, I do believe I know enough Assembly to start creating custom sprites in SMW. {Already made my first "Goomba-ish" one, infact}
    Anyways, while I remember you telling me you probably couldn't help me in the SMW field, could you help me with offsets in Cave Story?
    I don't really know where the Entity data is located, and I'd like to take a look at the Butes in Olly to see if I could have an easier time re-creating them in SMW...
    {Specifically, how they accelerate/decelerate}
    There's no way it could be a copy/paste job, but I've only made a Goomba so far :D;...
    so, I figure you're infinitely better at assembly than me, and may or may not be a pro at this point of time, so I gots a non-cs question.
    - is it possible to draw something to the screen without interrupts?
    - what exactly is ebx reserved for?
    As long as you can offer any help at all, I'd be grateful :D;

    From what I've seen from some basic custom sprites, you write the coding for them in something similar to Assembly on a text document, but with the ending as .asm instead of .txt. A partner .cfq file with the same name holds all the special bits so that you could use the same .asm file, but have a sprite with a different palette, or with special properties now enabled, etc.
    The actual tool that does anything is the Sprite Tool, which just inserts it all into the ROM so that I can access the sprites like anything else.
    I'd mostly need help with Assembly commands and the like. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I was hoping for some more Cave Story crossovering in the hack. So far there's Curly, and I found a modified Thwomp that acts like the Presses, but I was wondering about something else....
    The first Balrog fight, where he simply jumps to the last position of the player, how difficult would that be to Assemble?
    It seems kinda simple, but I don't know much Assembly yet :rolleyes:;
    Just out of curiosity, how much hacking have you done outside Cave Story?
    I've been working on my SMW hack lately, and there's a lot of things that would require some Assembly know-how.
    {Mostly I'm interested in creating custom sprites. Mario + Balrog = Awesome. But there are several other things besides that}
    There are tutorials and the such to get me started, but I was wondering if you would mind helping me whenever I had problems, if you could....
    im not quite finished scripting,its dialouge is nothing suprising,and i dont even have that one fall script figured out,i need to know where the un-advanced hacking thing is
    Dooey,i heard you have some major Weapon hacking skillz,and i like you to tell me what and how you do it,im making a mod,a Classic mod,and Mod for Metroid Prime,cuz thats how i roll!
    This is somewhat of a late response, I didn't see that I had received a message.

    I found a way to get to Mediafire now, so I'm good. Yours is a great hack :) it's fun to try with different mods, especially with WTFstory where there is no weapon experience.

    Good work!
    Hi, I was wanting to try out your WeaponAlpha mod, but I cannot download from MediaFire (I'm behind a restrictive network). Is there a way you can email this to me? My email is Thanks :)
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