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  • thanks man, that means a lot, since that's pretty much exactly what I was going for

    I think I will keep it. yeah.
    Thank you! It is quite refreshing to see a microcosm of friendliness flourishing in the aftermath of S.P.'s post.
    No reason at all, I just pleasure myself by shoving my superior sign-up date to other people.
    my bad, you are a veteran member i just dont seem to get a long with newbies who bump threads and have fan boy theories. :)
    I apologize on behalf of my buddy JetHawk.
    He can be a little... tactless at times, but you have to cut him some slack.
    He and I have been here a while, and we have probably seen every theory about cave story ever at least once, it can be understandably tiring to a person to see a new thread, only to discover it is another Chaco sex thread.
    No offense to you, or anyone for that matter, most of the ideas are plausible, and therefore suggested.
    Perhaps you might want to skim the titles of the first page of theory threads before making a new one, making an almost identical thread would be a shame, eh?

    Best of luck, and welcome to the forums! :mahin:
    Lmao I am no newbie or youngster. You might wanna research what I've actually acomplished before you judge.
    hey new here? nice to meet you. Word of advice? Dont jump in and be all freindly and talking loaads about cave story theorys and stuff, Its mostly all been discussed. Most new guys just jump in a bit too giddy :/ ill keep an eye on you and make sure you get on ok :)
    A set of electronic D&D dice that can be d2, d4, d6, or d8 depending on which switch is flipped. I designed it for an electronics class and was proud of it, so I put it in my sig :)
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