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    Level Design Ideas

    Most of my level ideas involve weapons I want to make in assembly, but I doubt I'll ever get around to them, so here goes: -weapon: teleports you 3 squares in the direction you are pointing. The level has lots of enemies that chase you so you have to teleport out of the way. -weapon: makes...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I have also tried and failed to do this, despite many many attempts. Noxid may be right, but maybe not. Whether or not you have the missle could be checked every time a powerup is about to be created. I can tell you that the missiles created when an entity dies and the ones created by placing...
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    Un-Advanced hacking FAQ

    Also, in practice almost nobody uses x86, because C compilers are better than most people at optimizing. The only people that do are professional reverse engineers, people who make antivirus software (which arguably could fall into the first category) people who make compilers, and people who...
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    Un-Advanced hacking FAQ

    If you only want to learn for the sake of learning assembly, x86 is not the way to go. I've heard Z80 is pretty good for beginners though. If you want to hack cave story, you will need to know x86 of course. For anyone interested, the reason x86 assembly is so hard to learn is because the good...
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    A Better Way to do Framerects.

    Nice code! I was thinking about a way to do this, but I couldn't come up with anything that doesn't require the sprites to be rearranged. (I like creating better code that works with existing assets) Very impressive!
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    Guiness Book of World Records 2010 - Gamer's Edition

    Re: I want this book One of my coworkers played (and loved) Cave Story. That was kinda cool. Other than that, no one I know had played it before I convinced them to :o
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Dude he asked, so I answered. Since when does two offtopic posts constitute spamming? If you hadn't posted this, it probably would never have been mentioned again, and we could have returned to talking about Cave Editor. So please, drop this discussion right now and stop contributing to the...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    We use Tiled as the map editor for games my company makes, and there are some things it does really well. There are also some things it does very poorly at, but oh well. Some features I like from it (that are applicable to cave story) are being able to refresh images if you edit them outside of...
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    You got it.

    You got it.
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    Aw :( here it is: NPC AI Pointer Table 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 00 0x0026530 0x00265B0...

    Aw :( here it is: NPC AI Pointer Table 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 00 0x0026530 0x00265B0 0x0026AF0 0x0026FD0 0x0027040 0x0027480 0x0027820 0x0027C60 0x0027F00 0x0028260 01 0x0028540 0x00289B0 0x0028B10 0x0029940 0x0029A30 0x0029BF0 0x0029E00 0x002A0B0 0x002A360 0x002A490 02 0x002A830...
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    There is a list of all the entity locations somewhere, I could find if for you or you could...

    There is a list of all the entity locations somewhere, I could find if for you or you could... USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!!!! :D
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    Un-Advanced hacking FAQ

    There are 2 versions of JMP, a far jump and a near jump. You are correct if you are talking about the far jump, but the near jump is actually more like ADD EIP,10. The near jump takes a single byte as its operand, so it can only jump a max of 0xFF bytes away. So since the only type of jump you...
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    Un-Advanced hacking FAQ

    RETN is really just another name for POP EIP (taking the top value of the stack, and moving it to the instruction pointer) so RETN doesn't actually just exit a subroutine, but that is what it is almost exclusively used for. Hope this helps. PS - RETN apparently stands for RETurn Near and there...
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    I'm re-doing my Cave Story low% speedrun.

    FRAPS is supposed to be really good for recording full screen games and ok for recording a window. I'm pretty sure there is a free version you could try.
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    It could also mean the game is still running. (Or open in some other program like a hex editor.)