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  • See, that's the spirit!

    Wait, he deleted it?
    Why the hell for? Cave Story takes up almost no space in the first place... {I can even keep everything + editors on an USB drive}
    Whaddya mean you don't have your stuff anymore?
    You mean your actual computer? Or did something happen that meant you lost all your data, and thus the discontinuation of your mod? {It always sucks to have another mod die off...}
    And yeah, you disappear for just a few days and a lot of things are gonna be different :D;
    Welcome back, though.
    Look in the stickied thread in Modding/Hacking called "Index of Useful Threads" and under Assembly hacking it will have a link to the FAQ.
    Sorry for the late reply :p

    Anyway, I'd love to help you, but all too often I spend a lot of time helping someone with something only to have them give up and nothing come of it. So I'd like you to show me what you have done so far on your mod before I spend a ton of time helping you out. It doesn't need to have any weapon edits or anything, but I'd like to see what dialogue, levels, spites, that kind of thing that you have done.

    Also take a look at the Un-Advanced hacking FAQ, it might be helpful. :D
    Best be careful with colouring all of your posts one colour.
    Some of the Admins really get after you for that....
    {Although, posting on profile pages like t'is is OK....}
    No, I don't think you do, see as Lowell wasn't trying to get me to respect him.
    Well, maybe, but he really failed at that. Don't backsass me about crap you haven't been here long enough to understand.
    Another modder?
    Well, word of advice, don't start off on the wrong foot, like 90% of the modders here do...
    The Search Button will be your best-est friend here! Searching around will find you almost all of your answers on modding.
    For the questions you can't figure out, the people of these forums {me included} will be glad to help you, just make sure you're posting in the special Hacking/Modding question/answer thread, stickied in the Hacking/Modding section....
    There's already tons of clone threads to simple questions littering the place....
    Please don't start off like everyone else T.T;
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