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    I dont particuarly care about him or his company. I was making a point that businesses dont run on rainbows and sunshine. They are born, run and die on capital. Tyrone would be out of a job if literally noone bought any of these releases or visited their website. Luckily people are doing these things. Honestly i dont care what Nicalis and their emissary Tyrone have to say on it. If they enjoy thier job and it gives a good living, that's all that matters.
    Fair enough. I'm not implying that they are evil. I'm implying they are a business. A business that needs money to pay employees. Decisions are made exclusively to make the company money or people lose jobs, especially in this economy. Oreo doesnt make a new variety to see the smile on your face, it makes it to keep your money in thier wallets. Nicalis, i dont really know anything about. But they have to pay the rent too, so what makes them any different.
    Please go tell that to tyrone. Or ask him the question in that last sentence there.
    Excuse me?
    I admit the prick thing was harsh, but it's not like I fully meant it. I was saying you were being cynical for thinking that video game companies are automatically evil.
    Seriously, I'm not trying to insult you. I'm sorry if that's what you took from what I said.
    Wow. When'd you turn into such a cynical (EDIT nevermind.)
    Just because it makes them money, doesn't mean they're gonna milk it for all it's worth. You don't know how nicalis thinks. Granted I'm not a big fan of what they've done with CS, but that doesn't mean they're lying jerks. And Pixel still has say over what happens, as far as I know. It's not like they stole CS from him.
    You dont think that some of the thousands of people just getting into gaming every day have a chance of discovering cave story for the first time from Nicalis and their multiplatform Cave Story plus effort?
    Not on Steam.
    I exaggerated about everyone knowing of it, but still, a large number of people know now. It seems to me that CS+ is just there to make a better quality version and add more content, instead of drawing other people in who don't know about cave story.
    Miles_Valentine;145483 said:
    I'm sure you guys are going to be thrilled with all this exposure to a fresh new batch of people discovering cave story for the first time!

    WiiWare, DSiWare, 3DS...I doubt anyone doesn't know about cave story at this point.
    I've only just noticed.... your location is Scotland. I'm Scotland as well at them moment. *high five*
    well since im hoosting the cave story srb2 server you could meet me there what time does it say on youre clock.
    no i use yahoo.well we could do it here its quite simple here or you could give me a private message.
    you play srb2? can you tell me the name you use there through private message or email to my yahoo account.
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