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  • Yep, I did. I love Tower of Heaven (hell, my computer's login sound is the Secret Found jingle), though I have to agree with Noxid on a point; upgrading it out of its retraux, sepia-toned Gameboy style would take away some of Tengoku's charm.

    I'm starting my own little mod actually, it's "Flipped Races" in the Ideas/Development section. I'm turning all mimigas into humans, and vice versa. It's more of an excuse to practice spriting than anything.
    Well, since you say it's 3D, I don't really have much experience in that way, even in a very vague sense. However, I can refer you to a great tutorial on the subject, which should be of some help to your friend.
    I'm afraid I've never used LISP before ]:
    Rendering implementation relies heavily on your language's support and the platform you're programming on. Cave Story was written in C++ for Windows, so when I did rendering with assembly I typically call the "draw sprite" function Pixel wrote, which in turn calls DirectDraw7 API. DirectDraw is the standard 2D/3D rendering vehicle for Windows programs. When you're working with Java, however, everything is handled by the Virtual Machine so you don't deal with DD but instead with Java's own rendering functions.

    I'd recommend searching for some tutorials and see if there's anything out there that might be able to help. I've never heard of someone making a game using LISP before.. No reason it couldn't be done though, far as I know.
    Apparently it got blended in when I saved it because paint.NET does something I dunno. I wrote "Cripple was here <3" in the hair using a shade of brown that was indistinguishable from the brown used for said hair. But I just checked in the image I gave you, it's not there anymore.
    Lookin' good, although the idle animation is pretty subtle. Sure there's the blinking, but it took me a bit to realize the arms were moving at all.
    How's this?


    If it looks a little too jagged, it should look better when you do the anti-aliasing/blending. You said you'd get that and that you wanted to be as independent as possible, so I left it.
    Ayup, light is much more difficult than I'd be comfortable attempting. The best you can get is an approximation, but how complex and accurate that approximation is all depends on how much work you're willing to put into it.
    Ahh shit- sorry for the wait. I've been occupied with mindless vacation stuff and I WAS BEING UNRELIABLE I'M SORRY

    I think I might've misunderstood what you said. What exactly do you want done with the thick faceline? Change the shape, or just make it thinner? Or both?
    You do have a point there.
    I suppose the best advice is to follow what you think is best. Some games are better suited to small numbers; Games where you have to build gradually, start humbly. Other games have grand pretenses, so it makes sense for big flashy numbers because you're so important.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll work just fine.
    Big numbers almost always feel more satisfying; that's why people use em'!
    However, the experience should also scale nonlinearly as well; As in, higher levels require more XP. It's like a quantification of your awesomeness as a player.

    Gotta scale it well so the numbers start out reasonably high but don't end up breaking integer size when you're maxed.
    Sure thing, but just to be clear, which parts do you want outlined specifically? Forehead border? Top/sides of hair? Tweak the thick border that's already there?
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