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  • I would like to notify readers of Cave Story 2: Rise of the First Son, that I am starting it up again, and I have told my family to remind me of it everyday whenever they get a chance. I have even made an outline, and would like to say sorry for acting the way I did.
    1) Allegro supports rotated sprites, but only with its own sprite objects (i.e. you have to either provide or create a seperate "sprite" image for these functions rather than grabbing the image data from a composite sprite sheet
    2) Allegro's window management utility is a little bit primitive, but if you're smart then you can override its built-in "winmain for dummies" with one of your own for extra control. I don't bother to do this though. At a basic level, it's extremely easy to set up a windowed or fullscreen application to run at whatever colour depth you want and at (almost) any resolution.
    3) Parallax scrolling is easy enough to achieve algorithmically (that's how Pixel did the moving clouds in BkMoon) so your implementation should have little effect on that.
    4) In my experience Allegro's digital sampling (sound effects) always seem to come out really quiet, so you may want to test that out to see if you're okay with how it sounds before making a commitment. As well, it has very little built-in support for audio playback; it does MIDI, and an audiostream thing that looks pretty low-level, neither of which I've bothered to deal with since I simply use the PxTone library. However, there are extensions to allegro I can see that give MP3 and OGG support.
    5) Allegro doesn't really give any high-level support to the game development process; it has no special functionality to deal with interpreting maps or entities or collisions or any of that stuff; it's just focused on giving you the basics (drawing to the screen, interpreting user input, basic GUI, sound support) that you can use to build your own engine off of.

    I've never checked out Construct so I don't know what kind of background you're coming from, but in my experience Allegro is a great graphics library with some interesting perks (packfiles, portability of the (basic) library, some nice addons) but needing supplementation in sound/music support. Basically it covers up the most low-level actions needed in developing a game.

    If you want to learn more about what Allegro does, I'd recommend you check out the manual: http://alleg.sourceforge.net/latestdocs/en/allegro.html
    Yeeeaaah I know how that is, opening up a game is complete submission to "I ain't getting shit done for the rest of the day." Then again, browsing the net and working on misc stuff to entertain the idea "I may or may not get shit done later" isn't much better if you never actually get around to it.

    I'm not used to having work to do because I've been vegging all summer. It's not that what I have is hard, it's just.... there, but my brain doesn't register that properly. I'll get it done soon enough. Hopefully. Related: Over the course of five hours, I got 30 pages of reading and half a math problem done.
    Last night I did nothing but fly around for like an hour and a half straight looking for a mushroom biome, but I didn't have any luck. Those things are RARE rare.
    I wasn't trying to brag, just saying it how it is. =P I also tend to like stuff from the 70's/80's, go figure.

    No problem. And actually, that IS the 128x128px image, I just inserted multiple times side-by-side to show that it loops. None of these have extended shading or AA, except for the sample rock you gave me.
    Yep, first year actually. I move tomorrow and I still haven't packed, lookin' forward to it.

    If by vgm you mean videogame music, then yes. At least half of my music library consists of OST's and remixes. I'm a big fan of chiptune and symphonic stuff.

    Also, BEHOLD!!


    Fun fact: This is actually the first time I've made a tileset.

    Hey, sure thing. As for the wood bit, that would depend on the type of wood, and how old the wood is. Assuming the wood is dead, it will slowly turn from whatever shade of brown it was when alive to a light gray hue over an extended period of time. I'm not sure how quickly this happens, though, but it takes awhile. If the wood itself is wet and waterlogged, that will darken the hue up some. Furthermore, a wet/humid environment is going to make the wood rot, which will give it a slight green tinge in places (or a LOT of green, if it's covered in moss).

    The older it is, the more bleached it will look. Decide your base hue on that (sliding between the initial brown hue and the endpoint whitish gray), then make it darker depending on how wet the wood is, and add some green tinge if the wood is really wet all the time.

    But yes, no problem. I start college within the week, so I'm not sure how much/little free time I'll have these next few months. I might be able to squeeze more spriting in addition to the rock tileset if I find the time.
    Fannntastic, I'll keep going.

    Also: "I'll need to some AA..." Does that mean you'll take care of the AA, or should I do it?
    Okay, SO! I prrrrobably should've had more of this done by now, but here's what I have to start with and want to make sure this works:

    I haven't done any anti-aliasing/smoothing yet, I plan on getting the rough rocks down first. Anything you don't like, or should I keep going?
    Thanks, I just finished it up. After I finished Deus Ex:HR, I figured I would reinstall the original and give it another play. Stopped about halfway through though.

    And alright, I'll check it out sometime.
    Whoop- sorry, I'm heading back for Oregon soon and have been busy doing last-minute Florida things. Things are going pretty well, though I haven't done any spriting in awhile. I haven't forgotten about Murky Oddity (or Flipped Races), just been keeping busy.

    And hmmm, an enderman avatar... there's an idea. Some time ago I started an ASOTIL avatar, but never finished it. On Minecraft, ain't 1.8 great? I've dabbled a little in it, but only a little. Endermen actually aren't that big of a threat, they're killed pretty easy from the few fights I've had.
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