So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

Apr 25, 2011 at 4:16 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

1 year ago: Saw article on Metroid Database.

1 year ago to 4 months ago: Lingered in back of my mind.

4 months ago: Saw game for download in Wii VC, but didn't have points.

4 months ago: Got laptop for Christmas.

2 months ago: Heard recommendations in a thread on MDb called "Play a Metroid-esque game"

2 months ago: Broke down and hunted for a download.

6 weeks ago: Finally found a reliable download on

6 weeks ago: Configured gamepad support, found it MUCH better than the damn laptop keyboard and its trackpad getting in the way...

5 weeks ago-Present Day: Declared Cave Story...


4 weeks ago: Began Cave Story Crossover. Find it on

2 weeks ago: Finally beat Hell.

2 weeks ago-Present Day: Perfecting my Hell skillz, both with full weapon loadout and my favorite 2-weapon set (Snake+Nemesis)

Tonight: Joined the forums.
Apr 27, 2011 at 3:19 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I was on Youtube when I heard some talk about it. Listened to the music for the game, and saw a link to DL it on a video about Meltdown 2. Played it, and wow. It's amazing! Here I am now.
Apr 30, 2011 at 7:14 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I was introduced to CS and this forum by UltimaLink... and then I stalked the forums until the whole Fire thing- and I had to deal with him on another site too ._. Returned to lurking a month or two after that, then decided to delurk today :toroko2:
Currently trying to make a mod that isn't complete crap.
May 9, 2011 at 12:58 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

About 6 months ago I had seen CS on a nintendo week episode. I thought it looked average, so I forgot about it.

1 month later
I was bored to death so I looked at some wiiware demos. I found CS there, so I decided to try it. I thought the game was okay, but I loved the music to death.

Right after christmas
I had some dsi points so I decided to get CS. By the time I got to Grasstown/Bushlands, It was my new favorite game.:mrgreen:

Current day
Have beaten CS about 7 times.
May 14, 2011 at 11:29 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

quite simple was looking for freeware on Fileplanet and noticed it there and downloaded it. and i liked it(and checked it had the latest version(gold edition it was called there)
May 14, 2011 at 7:15 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

Sorry if I'm late with this, but here's a review of CS I gave somewhere on the Internet that sorta describes how I heard of the game in the first place.

"Carrotlord (on some other website)" said:
When I first heard about Cave Story, my friends described it to me as "a robot stuck in a cave" and "you get the bad ending when you act like a coward and don't save anyone on the island". I imagined some sort of monotonous rocky hallway (the "cave") and some weird robot made of brass pipes, gears, and circuits.
Thinking that the game wouldn't be very good, I just ignored it. Then, a few months later, something compelled me to download it. I don't know what was so compelling, but it just popped into my mind.

I opened the game executable up, started playing, and realized how foolish I'd been for the past few months.

Cave Story is about a robot lost in a cave who tries to escape from an island. Of course, it contains so much more than this woefully lacking description. The island is no ordinary island—it floats in mid-air. Moreover, you’ll find some strange creatures on this island that you could never hope to see in real life. This is not the story of a robot that just explores and fights. This is the story of a robot who visits a strange land with even stranger people, and yet everything seems to make sense in its own whimsical way.

You meet a race of rabbit-like people known as “Mimigas”. There is a young witch who would love to get a name change, and a living bar of soap that frequently gets mistaken for a toaster or a lunchbox. They are the evil servants of some cruel medical professional. There is a green haired family and an old professor who try desperately to save the Surface dwellers (human beings of the world) from the clutches of the villain. An elderly witch seeks your help to find all her puppies who have conveniently spaced themselves out across a deadly landscape. Finally, the most dedicated players will be entreated to a great reward: finding the deepest secret of the island and the one man who is the source of it all.

This is no ordinary story. This is Doukutsu Monogatari: Cave Story, and it is a tale that you shall never forget.
May 14, 2011 at 7:23 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

That was one of the more discreet returns from the nether I have ever seen.
May 17, 2011 at 8:49 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

Thunderchin said:
Tonight: Joined the forums.

That is a pretty good history you have there.
Jul 12, 2011 at 7:24 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I had heard that it was a good game quite a bit, but never really thought it'd be my kind of game. My fiancé gave me a 3DS eShop card, and I was looking for titles to buy, and decided to just try it out. After I played through most of my other DSiware I purchased, I started playing Cave Story. I've been hooked ever since that day. I think it just may be my favorite game of all time.
Jul 12, 2011 at 6:41 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I dont exactly remember, but I remember I was on the ScrewAttack forums back in 2010 and I was reading a thread on "favorite video games". I posted mine at the time, read a few and one caught my eye, someone said "Cave Story".
I google searched it, wiki page, read a bit, first line of plot, then stopped. Was interested but had no time to play it.

2011 came by around june and I was on the same forums but in the music section. There was a thread on "favorite video game music". I posted mine, and someone posted Toroko's theme. I listened to it, found it godly and I finally went to play Cave Story.
Jul 13, 2011 at 12:07 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I first heard of Cave Story... probably a bit under a year ago. I don't remember how, but I forgot about it.

I later heard of it again, in a comments thread (I think) related to the game Iji (the only other game I'd consider myself a 'fan' of). I saw a number of comments comparing the two games (seeing as how they're both popular freeware metroidvanias) and I thought that seeing how people were comparing them on equal terms this 'Cave Story' thing must be good.

So I downloaded it, and... yeah. I stumbled upon another amazing game that I'm proud to call myself a fan of.
Jul 13, 2011 at 6:45 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I first heard of cave story in roughly 2007/8.

I was checking a few videos on youtube, stumbled across na let's play and decided to play the game.

I'm glad I didn't see the rest of the videos after the first 8 minutes of gameplay, the experience of discovering Cave Story was just unique.
Jul 14, 2011 at 8:49 AM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I learned of it just about a month ago. Someone posted a torrent for an extremely large collection of indie video games for PC. Later in the thread, people were commenting on how awesome Cave Story was. After I downloaded the torrent, Cave Story was the first one I tried. I haven't played any other game in that 8.63gb folder. Within the first week of playing it, I did (and in this order):
Normal ending
Normal ending with perfect game to get to Bonus Level of Hell
Bad ending as Curly
Beat Hell in 7'08"9
Normal ending as Curly in the mimiga mask
Beat Hell in 6'00"2 (Damnit damnit damnit, I wanted to unlock Curly)
Beat Hell in 5'46"8 (Thank God!)
Then I started making my own mods.
Jul 14, 2011 at 12:08 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

Around the time when information on the Wiiware release came out I started looking into it. Overtime I forgot about until awhile after its release. I was looking on the Wiishop channel teasing myself one day and i saw Cave Story on the front page. Looked up some more information on it, found out it was free to play and bam i was hooked.
Jul 14, 2011 at 2:42 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

i was introduced to cave story almost a year it came out. my uncle had got it for pc download, and i loved it. i forgot all about it until i got a wii the month cave story came out for wiiware. i remembered everything, and when i got a nintendo dsi, i downloaded the dsiware version of cave story,and remembered how much i loved the game.

i'm probably gonna get the pc version from later today.
Jul 15, 2011 at 4:39 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I was home for a college break last fall, looking through the Wii Shop Channel for something to play, and came across a game called "Cave Story." I had heard of it earlier in the year when it was released for the service, but I didn't read up on it at all. I literally knew nothing about the game, other than that people were excited about it. I downloaded it, and the rest is history. Best purchase on a whim that I've ever made! I'm so glad that I had no preconceived expectations because I was completely surprised and thrilled by every turn the game took.
Jul 17, 2011 at 4:35 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

i first heard of the game when it came out for wiiware. i didn't realize that it was a free game on the computer though. until IGN's latest post
then i realized it was free, so i went and downloaded it! still playing it and in love with the style. :D
Jul 17, 2011 at 4:44 PM
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Re: How were you introduced to CS?

I first heard of it when I was on a different forum, people were talking about the old-school graphics, which are my favorite part of these sort of games. Once I tried it, I knew there was no way I was gonna stop. Then I got involved with the forum, found out about modding, and the rest is history.
Mar 27, 2012 at 12:57 AM
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You are allowed to bump old threads only providing it is with a post that contributes to that thread's original topic rather than that thread's current topic of conversation (i.e. replying to someone from 2 years back is not cool).
My older brother really likes playing games on his PSP. Somewhere around December 2010, he found out about custom firmware for the PSP which allowed you to do various stuff. Some months later, he found out that a certain custom firmware enabled you to play a certain game called Cave Story. I'm wanting to say that he extremely briefly told me about it at one point, but I thought little of it. Some time afterwards, he started spending a significantly larger portion of his time on his PSP, presumably playing this game called "Cave Story," that he says is so great. My older brother is a digital film maker, and has a development blog for all of his films. Back in March of last year, he made a post on his blog.
My brother said:[/img]
It has been a while since I played a game that was this hard to put down. The game I am talking about is called "Doukutsu Monogatari." The English translation is "Cave Story." Man that is a humble name. The truth is that this game deserves more fanfare than ANY game that I have seen in the past 10 years. The creators of Cave Story have achieved something that is basically never seen in the commercial realm of video games: perfection.

Perfection might seem like a bold claim, but let me assure you that it is absolutely true. This game is freaking perfect. I cannot put it any more simple terms than that. The art direction is awesome, the game play is silky beyond imagination, the weapon/inventory system is intuitive, and the story is amazing!

The only real way that you can know what I am talking about is if you play this game for yourself. The game does not cost anything at all; Cave Story is freeware. Don't look at any screenshots, trailers, or any other stuff. Just play the game. It starts out without any indication of how awesome it will be. Just keep playing until you pass the addiction event horizon. You will be sucked in. You will not be able to escape. At least I can't. And that's why I didn't get any work done this weekend.

Go to and go to the "Downloads" section for the game. Also check out the "Game Info" section for a description and review of the game (even though you just got one from yours truly ;D).
Now he must have edited the post, because I remember it saying not to look at any trailers or screenshots or read any reviews, just to play the game. So took caution not to do so. I was rather excited to play this, as me and my brother share nearly identical tastes for all forms of media. (the exception nowdays being in music) But since I had a collection of deadlines at the time, I waited to download it until I got all my deadlines out of the way. "I will play Cave Story at some point," I kept telling myself. It was rather tempting to look at screenshots or videos, but it sounded like I'd get the full effect if I had no idea what I was doing when I started. And I'm glad that's how it started out. I'm also glad that I didn't give into the temptation of downloading it while the deadlines I had during that time were still active, cause if I had downloaded Cave Story, I could have easily missed them. I was finally deadline-clear on June 29, 2011 when I first downloaded it. Later that night, around midnight, I got the normal ending having let Prof Booster and Curly die, and having gotten the Machine gun. Unlike some of you other guys, it took me a bit longer to realize Cave Story ws so awesome. It wasn't until Curly sacrificed her life to save mine that I realized how awesome it is. If I hadn't read my brother's review, then I probably would have given up at Grasstown. Some time later, I found out about saving Booster and Curly. I played through the game three times looking for these secrets and couldn't find them. I looked in a walkthrough, but I was too lazy to look for how to get the third ending, so I asked my brother how to get it, and he told me. So I started getting the extra stuff, and was amazed at all the things that turned out to have a significance. Since I had played through the game three times before first skipping Booster, I thought I was hot stuff in terms of skill level, until I entered the Sacred Grounds... It took me only one day to get from the first cave to the normal ending, but it took me numerous days to finally beat the Sacred Grounds. Then my running times got better after the first time I beat it...
Then some time in late July, I found out about A Lost Land in a youtube video, and found out about thes forums through that. And then I lurked for two months playing various other mods while telling myself, I'm never going to be a Cave Story modder. In October, I decided to start modding, and started fooling around in editors, continued to lurk, and then joined these forums with the release of the beta of my first mod!
Mar 27, 2012 at 5:47 PM
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I was introduced to cave story mostly because I am a Hayate no gotoku! fan,
I also like other anime/manga but that's beside the point.
So, I was in the middle of this fan-made game, and I found this,
so I googled cave story, and the rest is history!