1. TablePointFive

    Playing .ogg files through CSE2EX

    Hey folks! I'm new to CS modding, and I'm making a satire mod. One of the things I want to do is play a .ogg file during the credits instead of "The Way Back Home". I have looked through the files and figured that it has something to do with SDL2's audio functionality. I would appreciate if...
  2. D

    Help with the Kero Blaster page on TCRF

    ALL HANDS ON DECK! So, this is the page for Kero Blaster on TCRF. As you can plainly see, it's in a very sorry state. The article is missing many pieces of unused content that have been known about on here for years. Additionally, now that we have patches to generate older versions of Kero...
  3. Redatoons

    i need help on org maker 2

    Hey everyone (i hope that someone will read this) i actaly need help on org maker 2 caus im making doom1's E2M1 theme with org maker 2 but for this music i need speed but im not able to speed up the tempo (wich is a big probllem for this music) thank you for comming on that thread :toroko2:
  4. Raichu

    How do you change entity in Cave Editor/Change the main character to another NPC

    I am currently making a Cave Story mod in Cave Editor, and I was wondering how you change the NPC being edited in the NPC Table Editor. Also, can you change the main character (quote) to another NPC, like Curly or Sue for example? Maybe even an unused NPC?
  5. H

    How do I install mods for the freeware version?

    I beat Hell and the Wind Fortress, and I`m looking for something new, but I have no idea how to make mods work in Cave Story. I don`t see a "mods" folder, but I have a "data" folder generated by the mod I downloaded and a "profile.dat" that I can`t open.
  6. MetalMathilda

    Ikachan font?

    I suppose this also applies to CS, but what Japanese font does Ikachan and CS use? It never seems to display right, and you can't speedrun the English translations. Ikachan 3DS also isn't allowed for any speedruns, so I need to know what font I need to download.
  7. DoubleThink

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Got some modding difficulties, and you're not sure what to do about them? Search function isn't helping? Ask here! Quick answers for quick questions, as provided by our unfriendly and unhelpful modding crew. New threads should still be made for more complex problems, or things like hacking...
  8. H

    Help Installing Booster's Lab

    Hello everybody! I've been looking into Booster's Lab, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to install it correctly. I can't find any guides relevant to this, and I've tried just about everything that made sense. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  9. Teuthida

    Recording and Syncing OrgMaker Channels

    Right now I'm trying to individually render each channel of an OrgMaker song. Is there any efficient way to do this? Right now, it seems like the only option is to record each channel in Audacity, which takes forever.
  10. CoolStuff

    I missed up, big time. (True Ending) (Help Glitch/Save/Hack?)

    Hello, I'm here to be requesting help in Cave Story. I highly doubt there's anyway to fix this, but I'm going to request for help anyway... So, I guess I should explain. Right now in Cave Story, I'm trying to get the true ending, and I'm in the plantation room right now, going down to expecting...
  11. Mash0Star

    Help for credits

    I thought to put some illustrations at some places (in my mod) is it possible to do it? I'm new to modding. Also how do you let the credits play when you want to?
  12. Mack-In-The-Box


    Um, hi, does anyone know of a modding guide(for Cave Story) for absolute beginners? Also, I'm on a Mac, so I would need a guide that teaches you how to mod CS on a Mac. Everything is helpful! Thank you!
  13. Mack-In-The-Box

    Speedrunning tips?

    Hey, I am planning to try to speedrun CS, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips. Thank you in advance!!
  14. M

    Saves not working...

    Hi, I recently started playing cave story and I haven't been able to save my game. I used the save spots and looked for the Profile.dat but can't find it. Every time I load up the game and choose the load option I always start a new game. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. AlmaHexie

    Glitches that shouldn't happens

    I got a glitches with my mod in a room,Everytime the player enter the room,it's just loop the fades effect and go in every room I tried the <END command but still there and so I change the Event of the door so it's wrong but it change do the same thing but with this room
  16. AlmaHexie

    How do we make new tileset ?

    How the fuck do we do that ?There no tutorial soooo...How
  17. Trucy

    Uh... What does the 2'90 Counter do again?

    I forget.
  18. Q*Bert Reynolds

    Looping vs Non-Looping music in TSC files

    I've been rewriting Cave Story with Unity3D, and I've run into a slight dilemma parsing TSC files. "<CMU" cues music to play, but some songs loop and others don't. Is there a way to tell the difference? Is it contextual (ie. if you just received an item, it's not looped), or are individual songs...
  19. P

    I will create weapon sprites for you.

    Basically, if you're making a mod and want some kind of unique gun sprite i'll help you out. All you have to do is tell me what weapon sprite you want me to replace, and what you would like it replaced with. I'm not very good at this quite yet so I cannot change projectiles at the moment. I will...
  20. Djammiafda

    Getting Myself Ready For Speedrunning

    So, I've gotten a bit interested in speedrunning lately. Watched some tutorials videos, some speedruns of Cave Story (freeware) and I tought "Maybe I could try that out, I mean, it seems fun". So, I'll be grabbing my timer in some days, I'll do a test run before really trying to speedrun it and...
  21. A

    [SOLVED] Running Cave Story gives me a gibberish message Every time I run Cave Story I get this message. The only things I've edited are the Arms.bmp file and the Hermit Gunsmith's room. I'm not sure what other information to give, but I'll give whatever's needed.
  22. G

    I need help

    I'm trying to use the attached file as my avatar, but it won't go through. Can someone tell me what my problem is?
  23. Teuthida

    "add voice" Error in Pxtone

    Recently, I made some drum samples to be used in Pxtone. Since the program I used adds a silence before exported samples, I edited them in Audacity to remove it. However, when I tried to import the new samples into Pxtone, not only did they not import, but I received a confusing error...
  24. fanifacation

    How to make a cave story game in Gamemaker?

    OK so I want to, as the above describes, make a game similar to cave story in game maker. I'm able to do the art but I have no earthly idea of how to program. So that's where you talented, beautiful, cut above the rest of us mere mortal men come in. Any help or references would be greatly...