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  • I just recently remembered all those movies I see in bins for sale are bootleg movies and other garbage (for the most part) and honestly I feel stupid for only now snapping back and remembering "Oh, those are bargain bins, right." Its such a random thing to forget.
    Im playing less and less good video games, Ive resorted to playing on some kids leapfrog.
    So you’re playing good video games again?
    I played Minecraft multiplayer on one screen.
    Now it feels wrong to have one screen to myself.
    There's a lot of things I wish I didn't do.
    One of them is post around 1/4 of the things I have posted on here.
    Give them a few years, they'll end up being funny
    Agreed, my shenanigans from 2013 are almost as funny as they are sad.
    you know i've always been funny
    but in all seriousness yeah thats why i deleted all of my profile posts
    i was very cringe in my eyes; so i wanted to make change to myself.
    and here i am now, a shitposter on the forums :))
    I'll probably continue to work on my old mod for Cave Story's 15th Anniversary.
    I renamed it to Cave Story Multi-Challenge Mod.
    It'll have more "challenges" with difficulty progression, and will have as many challenges as I can think of without feeling too samey.
    I'd also like to avoid multiple mod folders unless its needed.
    It's funny to me they didn't ban Twitch before Jontron episodes on computers from my school.
    Quick, the way to stop 2020 is--
    I got a new PB for speedrunning, still have a lot of time to shave off, but sub 50 minutes is a large improvement for me
    I didn't record it but I do have an image
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