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  • I don't draw all that often, so I'm kind of the opposite. Problem is, I -can- draw well (sometimes), but I'm reeeaaaally slow about it.

    Also: I wanna hear your theory on what the pineapple/yoyo trick involves.
    You too, eh? I just found Prequel earlier this week, I'm considering joining and adding my own input.
    Nerts. That means I have to sacrifice some item that I hope the people aren't gonna use, I've taken over the New Game+ project from xcalibur, and I was trying to find some way of adding a new item.
    I was wondering nox, if I just add some script to the ArmItem.tsc, could I add new items? I want to keep the original ones... or does this require a ton of ASM?
    Well I was going for a cookie cutter effect. Basicly anything not in a light source is colored differently. I figured out how to do it finally, with only a few more things to figure out. It's a pain because of the amount of work that needs to be applied to every single object. I gotta get some more global... stuff into it.
    Gah! Lighting is such a pain in the ass. No wonder alot of games don't do it. I felt like saying that to you cause it took me so long to figure out how to do it.
    They took it- I don't even know who they are... they stalked me, found out every last detail of my personal life, then in the dead of night- BAM! They took my face! I- I don't even know why- was it my dashing good looks? My generous wealth? Some sort of sick practical joke?

    My life is in shambles. No one recognizes me anymore, they regard me as a stranger. I have no eyes to look upon the ones I love, or to search for the ones who did this to me. I have no mouth, and I must scream...

    Please... help me....
    Dear Noxid

    I wanted to know how to show an image, like the map image in King's Story that has the mineral locations (see this link How do I implement this in my mod? How I can show an full single image. In your mod, this image comes up after a YNJ and then a TRA or FAO command. I have no idea how this is done. Another important thing to note is that the map exits when the user presses the "Z" or "X" button. Another note, if it involves complex assembly, I probably won't do it. But if it does not, I'm up to try to implement it.
    Do you mind PMing me how you did this if it is not too difficult to explain.
    I already posted this in the general Q and A fourm and they assumed you used assembly.
    Thanks again for the help!
    I noticed halfway through my sentence, hence, no need to furver on the couch.
    Well I'll scale it to require more of course. I ask for this reason.
    big numbers feel better, but in my experiance carry less meaning as you go. Small numbers don't typically lose that meaning, and it's easier to see just how much more exp you get for one thing compared to another, but getting 1 exp isn't all that satisfying at first. I've been seriously considering this.
    Hey Nox, I have a question.
    In your opinion, what is typically more satisfying in a game? Getting a bit of exp from killing an enemy and needing to kill lets say 10 to level up? Or getting alot of exp from an enemy, but the amount needed to level up is adjusted so you'd still need 10 hills?

    Basicly, 1 point per enemy and 10 to level up?
    Or 50 points per enemy and 500 to level up?
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