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  • I have 2 quick questions... Is it okay to posts edits of the Wii CS, this is for things like face pics etc...
    And the other question is that, is it okay to double post in the show of your Custom characters when I am posting something new?
    yeah bi know that but i was saying it in the special invitation way in other words you get a special spot NO ONE can take.
    I usually hate spamming memes but

    Sorry about the double post... I forgot I had already posted one. I assume the wait 45 second rule is to try and stop this? How come this happens on visitor messages??
    Okay I was taking a look at the polar star code, and I happened to check the framerects. For every single weapon/bullet,(Not sure what the framerects are to atm) the framerects appear to be 1 2 3 4 5 and 6. These don't appear to line up to anything within the pbms, so I'm not sure what they go to.
    What do you get after the Sky Dragon picture? (For you, you have Nu right now.)
    And, at what number of posts do you get it.
    Thanks if you can answer.
    Someone may have asked this on the forums and I just havent seen it, but wheres a buncha free space in the code? I'm trying to find some place to ATTEMPT a edit, and I wasn't sure where any room was.
    Is it against the rules to add yourself to you contacts/ send a friend request to yourself? :|
    What about CLR?

    Also I thought your avatar was bulbasaur Noxid, not Nu Noxid from Chrono Trigger.
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