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  • Do you know where I could play CS Beta? I keep looking for it but I can't find one :x
    Oh, Ame, now I remember! Crazy pixel. Too bad it's zipped.
    She sure does have a deep stare though...
    Ame Manga, huh? I'll take a look sometime.

    Yeah, maybe some of the big modders could put it in their sig, like you and CLord. That is if they wanted to.
    I think it would help a lot of people. Maybe we could persuade the big tribute site admin to include the video in cave editor and CS deluxe!
    Although I can't make it myself, my compy = crap. But I could help suggest basic questions to put in there.
    Alright. A video would be helpful for several occasions. Forum guide lines, TSC and modding stuff, asm, etc... Some people are visual learners after all. Next time you might not want to post it on your own profile. :p
    You need to read more Ame Manga

    While there's no way having something pop up right when someone registers is going to fly, maybe.. maybe a video existing would help, upon reflection. It is something people have asked for in the past (Or perhaps merely suggested vainly, I can't recall).

    What's with your avatar? It reminds me of syobon action kitty.
    Also about matt's video idea, we could have a video with common mod answers on youtube. Maybe we could just type in that url to people who ask stupid questions, or just have it on the front page of quick modding or rules.
    Of course they wouldn't pay attention to it if stickied. That's why when a new user signs up, they are automatically taken to a page that displays the video and nothing else. If a user doesn't watch that then they're just dumb.
    You know what, on the quick modding/hacking thread I've been seeing alot of questions being asked multiple times. We need a thread with all the commonly asked questions. Or better yet, a tutorial video that appears when you sign up that tells the new user about the search function and whatnot. Cause let's face it, the rules are something people don't read. Actually, a thread with videos explaning some of the things people ask frequently in step by step detail would be nice. Hell, I'd do it if fraps didn't slow my computer to the pace of a rock in the wind.
    Lace pointed out a very large flaw which I decided to fix.

    noxxy, I have a question.
    If I want to make a song in org maker that uses 16th notes and triplets that take up a half note total, what time signature should I use?
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