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  • curkybrace has ceased to be a channel D:
    Which one is that? 6 Days? I personally liked 7 Days.
    I was thinking of doing a John DeFoe when I get veteran.
    it hurts
    I have an idea.
    Chzo Mythos Booster. Like a John DeFoe or Trilby.
    Eh. Just an idea.
    Thanks for that. Interesting fact, in 3d games, the rendering system does not render 3D objects that the camerea can't see. Apparently if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, then it doesn't make a sound to save memory.
    LISP is basically a language for writing languages. It's also supposed to be really simple. From what I've heard a small group of people programing in Lisp can do a job faster than a large one using Java or something. Pixel rendering was one of the few things my bud didn't know how to do. He's never made a game engine before. He only knows the math and stuff.
    hey Nox, a friend of mine is working on a proof of concept engine using lisp, (google it). He is wondering about how to get pixels display and I'm pretty sure it's something you may have picked up when doing assembly. The game would be 3D if it's relevant. Thanks for your time Noxid.
    I have a stupidly difficult hack I want to pursue.
    curlehbrace if you can?

    Edit: Tually nvm. I think I can tackle it.
    thank you.. though lace already gave me an answer.
    lol didnt you see it?
    Oh man oh man you need to see cowboys vs aliens pronto!
    Also, why u no on D:
    0000: JE
    0001: JNE
    0002: JG
    0003: JL
    0004: JGE
    0005: JLE

    can you translate what those comparison methods are?
    I would, but my interest is too fleeting to bother, and I'm fine with that. I have other things I'm more interested in putting my time into. Um... at least I think I do.

    And it'd take a lot more than just that to make me cringe. Related: You owe me a new pair of pants.
    Nice. I gotta go move my brother in, but I will be back later I presume!
    Tharnks. I also may/may not need programming help sometime in the near future.
    How was your last day of work?
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