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  • Ah, I highly doubt it, but I can still play mods on here, just not make 'em.
    Oh, you're welcome!
    And, that's great, I look forward to that mod of yours!
    um.......wheres hiino ._.? he has not been on lately and I CANT WAIT *turns super mimiga* lol.i cant wait for him to answer me,im to impaintent (i know i spelt that wrong)
    err..all i changed was the gun sprites.......and when it launched it said ramdom gibberish of some sort.: "A--pft@fcf<,aC,B,E'. thats what it said._. but it has some of those wierd letter type of things,there where dots on the letters ._......you cant help me can you?
    :pignon2:err......Theres a nother problem.......*sighs* it says error saving file when i try to save the arms (i mean the guns if you dont know what i mean by guns)sprites. *sighs* well, can you help me again? *sighs*:hoppy:
    Alright,it works, thaaaanks
    you deserve more then a thanks,but all i can do is make bombs... jks XD. but you do deserve more then a thanks
    Oh,and sry that im posting on my wall and not on conversation, :balrog:Sue's work shop wont be able to retexture mychar,only blocks,is'nt it??
    it says error saveing file!. i click save,but it says that,So,help if this help you help me? thats a bunch of helps in one sentence lol :mahin:
    ....Gr.....It wont save my sprites........Why???? if you can no longer help me,suggestion of a another mod that does that please? D:
    Im on my comp,it so's text saying: Error loading config file.
    C:\Users\*your name here*|desktop|doukutsu|CaveEditor.txt.
    thats all, if you have no answer, weelll can you suggest a mod that does that for me?
    weeeeeeeeeelll,im on the laptop,doukustu isnt downloaded here, yea, i'll check later, but its some sort of text,i forgot. also, FRIEND REQUEST FROM A NEWBIE FOR YOU lol, accept it or dont,thanks for helping me even though i didnt get my answer XD
    Hiino, i know i shouldnt be asking here, but on the mod/hacking help thread,i already try'ed loading the Doukustu exe. did you not read it? (then again,i posted it today. i might be expecting answers right away :/) so yea,any other ideas?
    If only, if only...

    I think I just went by whatever information was on Lyger's modding sheets.
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