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  • meep.Im playing jenkas nightmare revived. all i have to say what it bassicly is is like RUUUUU-*boom*(i know its RUUU i mean run,but most likely you would know that.)
    Im bored again. IMA PLAY CAVESTORY....again.......im gonna search for a boss run mod,and if there are not any,then D:.lol:orangebell:
    Be more precise. What did you change in your mod? What does it do when you launch CS?
    Err, you just have to remove "read-only", just like the other files.
    And if this doesn't work, then check Game Settings > Remove Pixel's requirement from files.
    And if this doesn't work either, then try checking Options > Remove Read Only Status from files.
    :awesomeface::awesomeface:commence being super happy in 3 2 1 YAAAAAAY PURE IDIOTICNESS FROM BEING HAPPYYY *balrog comes in*:balrog: HUZZAH
    Ah, I think I know. It's not CaveEditor's fault, you juste have to select the Cave Story folder and uncheck "Read only".
    It should work and you may be able to use CaveEditor again.
    It does not save my sprites, i clicked save, and it said error saveing file.
    sue's workshop cant retexture mychar,can it?
    What do you mean, don't save your sprites? What have you tried to do, exactly?
    If CaveEditor really doesn't work, you may want to use Sue's Workshop instead.
    Most likely though it will be a recoulor,but so far it does'nt,also,im double posting on my wall,my bad.
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