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  • My TSC editor already has these features! (well actually I'm not so sure about vertical tab but I can check that)
    You should try it out
    Sure, why not. I am sort of working on my own stage editor for personal use, so it could be helpful!
    It's quite alright. You have helped me introduce a handy new feature! And I don't really mind explaining things.
    You posted that on your own profile :b
    I don't know if I could edit CE to support the defines (or rather, if I want to) but how it works is the TSC editor saves the scripts with the definitions as a seperate file that it knows how to find (ScriptSource/<file>.txt) and leaves the TSC files themselves in a state that CE can still work with (and more importantly, that Cave Story can understand).
    I don't know about super low flags, but to the best of my knowledge all except say, 0000 or 0001 should be acceptable.
    Okay, that's really awesome. Thank you again.
    Oh, and, two more questions:
    -Is it possible to include defines in CaveEditor so we don't have to use two different logs?
    -I know we can use flags up to 7999 only, but what about flags 0000, 0001, 0002, etc.? Are they usable?
    Oh I may have forgotten to update the jar. The link has been updated.
    Defines work on a simple replacement, so if you wanted to put
    then you could write <FAC[KING] instead of <FAC0007
    It's intended to make the TSC more readable.

    CLOSE ENOUGH. Coulda done better, coulda done wor-

    "also it MUST be animated."

    ...damn, now I won't be satisfied until I make a FACE as well. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT'S GONNA BE
    Cool, French "Happy birthday". That's probably the only one I didn't know how to pronounce. Hah, and you don't have to work on your mod. O:
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