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    Favorite whatever in Cave Story?

    Actually you know what, I'm waaay more into that lil guy right here, so I guess that means you're wrong??
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    The story itself was alright honestly (although I felt like it didn't have a general direction and was simply a set of three different narrations), the issue I found had to do with the way it was delivered. It's something I have found in several of your mods (and prominently in the one you asked...
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    Glad you took the time to answer. Commentary from the author always helps put things in perspective. I am not changing my mind after reading it (you mentioned not following modding conventions and that is indeed one of the big issues in the mod as they are indeed very important, following the...
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    Sorry everyone! I'm the one who delayed the judging period by quite a bit. I misjudged the amount of time it would take me to complete the task. And I'm not even done yet! But midway through redacting, I decided that I had to avoid delaying it even further, which is why the first review...
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    new emoticons

    walrusguy i hope you keep posting forever
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    Oh yeah that was definitely my point in my previous post. If it affects the game in some way then since it's going to be taken into account in the other categories, there's no need for an additional "modding skill" category.
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    About your current rubric: Playability, I think it's too broad a term. I'm going to try and define some more precise categories below. Consistency is a good category if not a good name I'd say, of course we're not judging how hard a mod is but only the difficulty curve and balancing problems...
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    As a matter of fact, yes I do, whoever you are Anyway so do we have any recommendations for judging? any areas we should focus on more, or format we should be writing in, or anything like that? Also, I doubt so, but will we be expected to open the script/tsc/etc. files and judge those as well?
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    Mod tests and reviews

    Jeez this has been dead for a long time now, I've been busy with life and then kinda forgot to keep this up and then I felt bad about not answering SuperJaws and I kinda dropped the whole thing. Anyways thank you Seasons for reviving this. I'll make sure to keep both you and SuperJaws (if he's...
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    Make a Good Cave Story Level contest thread

    Can I be a judge if I just submit this thread as my application instead
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    Valentine's Day 2018

    I wanted to go to work but the public transports were having problems it rained nonstop until the evening my date was cancelled I worked (at home) until 10 pm I had to handle several paperwork-related problems didn't leave home but i got love from my friends so it was a good day, happy valentine's
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    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    Time spent working on the mod is of no relevance, neither is the amount of custom ASM lines. You don't get to boast and act like you're hot stuff when I was on the verge of disqualifying you for not respecting the theme, the spirit of the competition, or (arguably) the "no anterior work" clause...
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    What do YOU think of Fidget Spinners

    obviously you still care since you bothered to make a thread about it
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    >buying video games

    And you not deigning to give a cent to all the thousand of people in the industry whose jobs are to spend time, sweat and tears making games to bring you entertainment, is incredibly disrespectful and insulting. You've been an asshole since 1994 (the day you were born). Please don't come back...