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  • man your find-text code gets all up in arms when strings use \r\n instead of
    \n. I implemented a gross workaround but it's not quite a perfect solution since wrapping the document messes it up a bit
    My apologies for replying to you here, but the thread is old-ish.

    Ecological indeed. Thank you, I do too. I'd do away with frames entirely if not for the original needing JS.
    It primarily refers to the fact that they added teeth to booster's facepic but they obviously weren't big enough so I fixed that for them.
    The poppit thing is because WD said it looks like Nigel Thornberry
    Thanks for the compliment. English isn't my native language so I apologize for any mistake, but rest assured I'm trying my best. :p
    Anyway thanks for the welcome. :)
    I believe so. And the sky is red, and it's pretty much the end of the game I think
    Not sure though, since I couldn't take it and had to close the application before my computer melted
    Haha yeah!
    I played Action Fist. I liked the game, except the rain effect at the end slowed my poor old laptop down to 1FPS
    Welp I don't know my forum password nor the email password associated with it. :S
    I've been working on learning Haskell recently, so tuple came to mind as a name. It's also nicely appropriate - like a doppelganger or something!

    I look forwards to reading your blag in the future; I wish you luck!
    Hey Carrot, it's Lace (cannae access normal account atm).
    Sure that'd be cool - mine's a little slow atm, but I'll probably invigorate it sooner or later.
    May I ask what yours is about?
    Heya Carrotlord... yes, it's fine!

    (Unless it's titled "10 mods that will never see the light of day!") >< lol
    Speaking of which, I should probably update things soon...

    Send me a link to yours too sometime! I'll add it when I update!
    Mhm, that's perfectly fine.

    On that note, I was going to do the same for your blog. If for some odd reason that isn't fine, say so!
    Totally play ED. Except for terrible keyboard controls and oddly high difficulty (though I might just suck) it's quite a fun snes-style platformer.
    You like Iji. You win the game.
    Which I just lost. Damn. But I already won?
    I get an odd vibe of Eternal Daughter from The Witching Hour. Maybe it's cause I never could bother to finish ED, but still.
    Was that at all an influence?
    I remember reading how and did it myself, it's depressing there. ;_;

    And yeeeeaaaah... crap, I didn't even think about spoilers. Whoops.
    Heh. I remember the first time I tried a pacifist run, it was when reflected shots added points to your kill counter. I would throw myself right in front of projectiles, so the explosion would kill the crowds around me without it counting as a kill. Painful, but totally worth the nano.

    Now, have you seen Sector Y yet?
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