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  • Put the Untold Story Dev Blog button in you sig, if you want to.

    All of the (un)cool kids are doing it!
    Um... I haven't played Eternal Daughter. :toroko2:

    It was pretty easy to find using Google. I might try it out sometime.
    Anyway, thanks for playing the mod and responding to me about it. Modders appreciate stuff like that, you know?

    So - anything else you'd like to talk about?
    you were 100killer9, correct? (I'm guessing based on the siggy)
    also yeah, onlineworms used to be gruntwolf here, but they decided that was stupid.
    Quick! I need the ORB OF FACEPALM! I have been told you will trade it to me for this SHINY BOLT.
    Please respond with haste.
    Don't forget to hit the "View conversation" button before replying, or I won't see it (because you will have posted it on your own profile, which doesn't notify me).
    Best regards,
    Is that truly a pinnacle of flash games? I already beat it. Good, but not amazing.
    Bah, other browser based games are better in my opinion. *Glances at Kingdom of Loathing*
    EDIT FROM 2011: How could I ever have thought KoL to be GOOD? I sicken myself sometimes. All the time, really.
    He got lost in sand zone, gave up, ranted that the game was too easy and called it a day.
    Anyway, off topic, but... Is there a flash game that IS deep and entertaining?

    I would look toward Fancy Pants Adventure 2. Not really deep, but definitely one of the best flash games around.

    But yes, it's true that most flash games aren't entertaining enough to hold interest for more than a few minutes.
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