Second Avatar ~ Reverie

Second Avatar ~ Reverie

Apr 05, 2013-Jun 05, 2013
Aug 01, 2013-Aug 26?, 2013
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Apr 21, 2014-May 16, 2014
Aug 01, 2014-Oct 02, 2014
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Oct 14, 2018-Jan 18, 2019

This is my second avatar, which I adopted on Apr 5th in celebration of my new power: to hold dominion over my Member Title. As with my first avatar, I've prettied it up by finding a perfect crop using Paint.NET. Strangely, that perfect crop turned out to be an exact 300x300. I also erased a Latios wing in the same manner as deleting the arm in the other.

It comes from my favorite Gardevoir picture: a serene landscape of a shiny Gardevoir riding on the back of a Lapras across an ocean, surrounded by other marine creatures and hundreds of Drifblim, all set by a beautiful sunset.

It's also in lovely 3D, contrasting to Guffaw's simple 2D strokes. This gives it quite a different feel in comparison, as well as the simple fact that this avatar features a shiny Gardevoir while the other avatar sports a regular-colored one.

I think I'll go back to using this one a few times in the future...I believe I set it back to my first avatar after my blue screen of death. These first two avatars pretty much make up my repertoire of "standard" avatars...but don't let the term standard fool you, they're both very beautiful and I'm glad to have 'em.

This picture first served as my second. It is prone to daydreaming and philosophy, enamored with the concept of bliss and appreciation. However, with such thoughts comes a toll in melancholy.
Thank you. c:

Honestly, this one's the largest comment I've written on an image so far. Probably most of the Special Album pictures will be the same, since they're...well, special.

And congrats on your phone! :D
Looks like I jinxed myself.

This picture came really close to having a larger description...and it's in the other gallery.


I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. D:

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