Fourth Avatar ~ Bipolar

Fourth Avatar ~ Bipolar

Aug 26?, 2013-Oct 01, 2013

This is my fifth avatar, which I set haphazardly in August as a result of a bout of depression, and was kept as a result of a bout of happiness. It's...not a great crop at all. I guess I didn't care then. Perhaps I'll fix that later.

This happens to be the first avatar to be taken from an existing, "standard" picture in my gallery, a trend which continued with the my Skype, Steam, and Fifth avatars. I guess I chose it because its expression explicitly contrasted with both my mood and the member title near it. Because I'm dumb. Later on, when life significantly picked up and I felt better then I had in a long while, it became an actual indicator of my joy.

This picture first served as my sixth. It's carefree at heart, but loathe to share its sorrows when it needs help.
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