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Apr 10, 2012 at 3:34 AM
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Maybe we should all Eat that Toast

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Jan 9, 2013 at 2:59 AM
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I have discovered a series of comics. They are... extraordinary. They have a certain sense of realism that the medium typically lacks, and thus makes the characters in it very relatable. It's like living a day in the life of... a high schooler that learns various lessons about peer pressure and internet safety.

I do not know the name of this comic, as I'm unable to find it anywhere online, besides where I downloaded it from. I'm hoping GIR has seen it before, since I do happen to know that it's from Edmonton and was actually published. Printed. On real paper.

I am just as stunned as you're about to be.

Scotty's Unwanted Friend
Online Bullying
Internet Predators
The Surprise Party
Peer Pressure
When Relationships Get Violent
Old Wounds
An Untitled Comic About How Fucking Racist Albertans Are
A Voice of Reason (warning: 2spooky)
Are We Really That Different?
Surviving Divorce
Deadly Fate

In case you haven't clicked any of those glorious links, look what you're missing out on: the horrible effects of raves.
Jan 10, 2013 at 5:01 AM
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I made a (really) horribly made forum parody of it. I doubt I'll continue it but yeah here's the first page


I shouldn't make fun of the original comic's art because it's really not that bad but psuedo-anime style with burn and dodge tool just gets me every time.

edit: Okay since some of you asked, the other person in the comic is Jacob. I thought that brown hair, glasses, and alcohol in mom's basement would make it obvious enough but i GUESS NOT. Jesus people. Get your shit together >_>
Jan 11, 2013 at 9:30 PM
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Not everyone sits around on IRC and listens to Jacob talk about his shitty life. Jesus.
Jan 11, 2013 at 10:14 PM
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Shut up I'm right
Jan 13, 2013 at 8:57 PM
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It's a true story, actually. A real murder that took place in Edmonton several years ago. It's kinda fucked up, look it up.

These comics sure as hell convinced me to never go to Edmonton :D
Jan 13, 2013 at 9:04 PM
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These comics sure as hell convinced me to never go to Edmonton :D
(Thank god.)

But yeah I guess I can say those comics are accurate enough. If you hang with the wrong crowds here, shit will happen.
Apr 5, 2013 at 5:41 AM
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Hey guys look at all these sweet webcomics they're so cool.
Boxer Hockey, a story about four dudes and their careers in a blood sport.
This comic is hilarious and well-drawn, with a good story and an interesting setting to boot. If you don't end up loving Rittz you're a monster.

warning: blood
Critical Miss is hosted on the same website as Zero Punctuation, wow it must be great
This is a webcomic about video games with a quirky and eccentric female lead and if you're not interested by now I don't blame you. But it makes me laugh and that makes it worth mentioning. There's a story arc about Gabe Newell that I liked especially.
Nedroid: my favourite gag-a-day comic. But it's tied with Cyanide & Happiness.
I don't know if this comic is actually drugs, but I keep laughing at it for some reason. Maybe it's because of the jokes. I didn't link you to the first comic in the archive up there, because the comics are pretty random until it settles in to Beartato and Reginald all the time. You can click RANDOM COMIC if you want, since there's little story or character development.
Nimona is about a roguish sidekick to a dastardly but honourable villain.
Ok you guys, this one wins the award for best humour + writing + other stuff. It's not the best in each of those categories, but it's the best at all of them at once. Its main focus is on characters, but there's also plot and drama, so I wouldn't have put it in this category if it weren't so funny.
nimona part 1 page 2_0.jpg

p.s. I just noticed the shark boobs
Pokemon: Hard-Mode and Space Cat
If you're a fan of Pokemon, you might have heard of Nuzlocke runs. This is the comic that invented the challenge. It's mostly funny, but there are some very emotional parts that you won't be expecting. The art starts off shoddy and gets better, I promise. Try to ignore all the Lost references early on. Space Cat is a comic about a cat astronaut.

Alpha Flag is a weird and mysterious drama about a dude collecting all the parts of his mind.
I really meant weird. I'm not sure what to tell you, since I had a hard time understanding this comic. There's bird-eating action and selective colouring though, so what more could you want.
Dead Winter is pretty darn cool and full of action
Spoilers: this is a comic about some people in a zombie apocalypse. I didn't expect it to be good when I picked it up, but I'm still reading new updates, so it must be. I think it's because Monday is so fucking cool. It's not The Walking Dead, but I would still recommend it if you're not sick of zambamboes.
Helvetica takes place in the land of the dead, in which there are still taxes.
Helvetica is pretty odd name for a skeleton, but since no one remembers what their names were in life, it's as fair as any. This is a drama about being dead/amnesia/social security, I don't know which. I guess I don't have anything to gush over, but it's still a good read.
Lackadaisy, it's 1920's gangster cats, fucking read it.
What, I I even need to say anything down here? Well fine, its art style is amazing, it's hilarious sometimes, and it updates slightly more often than the Bible. You've got a large backlog to read before you can start worrying about that, though. The introduction is extremely wordy. The rest of the comic's not like that.

FANTASTIC FANTASY (more fantastic than the undead)
Ava's Demon has incredibly gorgeous art and some super cool fantasy stuff.
This comic is worth reading for the art alone, but that's not all there is to it. It's got cool flash animations and sharply crafted characters, and updates panel-by-panel.
Shit, that sounds familiar.
Everblue is a fantasy adventure comic that takes place on a planet-wide sea.
I found this one recently and I'm still in love with it. Something about it captures my imagination perfectly. It's so visually appealing and hits all the right fantasy (and romance! :0) tropes. People who have played on my Minecraft server might know something about my fascination with infinite oceans.
Freakangels follows the story of twelve psychic twentysomethings in London. After it got apocalypsed.
Wow this one is good. It's written by a professional writer and illustrated by a professional illustrator. I don't know how they managed to do their jobs and also this amazing comic on the side. This is like something you'd see in a store, and I would recommend buying it if it were. But it's free! Holy shit! It's also complete and over with, so you have a climax to look forward to.
Rice Boy, specifically Vattu.
Rice Boy is a website with several comics on it, including Rice Boy. The one I want to talk about, though, is Vattu. This is a world-building fantasy with all kinds of races and magic and lands. It's going to be confusing at first, but it's worth reading far enough to meet some characters you actually care about! This comic will absorb you just like Skyrim or Lord of the Rings would.
The Man of Many Shades is a fucking insane comic about a world made of a little girl's drawings.
This one gets pretty god damn weird sometimes. The art style doesn't help. It's about a guy who ended up in this crayon world ruled by a mad unicorn who has crushed the inhabitants into living a bleak fascimile of real life. Also this happens:
The Wormworld Saga is as good as sex, but better, because there's children involved.
This epic of a webcomic just updated a few days ago. Which sucks for you, because it'll probably be another eight months before the next update. The author puts a lot of work into it though. Each update is enormous. Anyway, the comic is beautiful and incredible, and I'm amazed that it's free. I've seen artists ask money for much worse. This is the most professional and breathtakingly gorgeous comic in this post.

P.S. Gunnerkrigg Court was mentioned already in this thread, but go read it if you haven't. I've talked about it enough on IRC that I won't make an entry for it here.
Apr 5, 2013 at 5:59 AM
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Oh sweet
I legitimately needed something to pass the time for hours upon hours, because I'm sitting here in a hospital essentially waiting for my Grampa to die :[
Maybe these will lift my spirits
Apr 5, 2013 at 7:57 AM
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Apr 5, 2013 at 4:39 PM
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Apr 16, 2013 at 10:58 AM
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@dunc - ;-; I

I just wanted to try and quickly post a few comics since I've been reading for hours late into the night (apparently it's almost 6 AM OMG).,.
I forgot how fun they can be, and the pain of WAITING for updates.

There are SO many comics posted already, so I have a lot to look through...

Anyway, here is my offering of suggestions mostly with an emphasis on story :
Maybe I'll post pictures for them ... later. (you can just click on the links... @_@)
Not A Villain
I might compare the graphic style to Iji : not great at first, but it will catch you off-guard, and grow on you ;D
Reminds me of .hack//sign.
Really enjoying it so far; the setting is a good mix of ideas, and instead of spoiling it with a summary, I say jump right in and decide for yourself!

No Rest for the Wicked
This one was dead for a few years, but it's finally moving again! It's a fairy tale universe with a distinctive art style... Plays tribute to many classic tales. Highly recommend taking a look.
Ah right, I uploaded a video once even :

Two Kinds
You probably already know about this one... I made a video once for it too. It's a fantasy adventure, starring the furry kind. It's gone on for ages! Quite popular. Longggg.


Sugar Stars
This comic only has 21 votes this month... It needs more!!! This comic is randomly updated, and there isn't a ton of content. But, the quality is so good... It's shoujo though.
The artist needs incentive to continueeeeeee. Show some <3. Modern, fantasy, sci-fi???

Fahei - Firefly
This comic is rated R+... I happened upon it by chance, and didn't expect such a dark story for such a cute style... Proceed at your own risk! The comic is complete, or at least it has one complete volume, which ends. Modern, fantasy.

Era of Errors
This comic is just getting started, but I think it will be well liked. The only regret you'll have, is that it ends so soon... Modern sci-fi.

I am recommending this without reading it very far... That being said, for an involved; well drawn, and very detailed story, this hits the spot. I'm looking forward to sitting down one day and blast my way through to catch up... Fantasy.

By the Book
Eh, this one will appeal to fans of DnD. lol. It's eh... .. .. somewhere between pretty awesome, weird, epic, disjointed, serious, comic and... well... just look at it. It's pretty popular too.

Hello Ctuhlhu!
Just putting this up there. Hello Kitty, meet Ctuhlhu... O_O

More of a mainstream style of art? It's not my favorite yet, but it's well crafted, beautiful, and promises much... A unique fantasy story so far.

A finished comic. One look will probably tell you if you will like it... Great artwork. Serious fantasy. If you like it, you might check out her newer webcomics...

Switching gears, here's a post apocalyptic comic. Pretty classic. Not very long.

Another apocalypse comic! Not too long either.

This is a pretty huge specialized DnD comic featuring the Drow. Good stuff!

The Chronicles of Loth
This one is rated R-, not too bad, but has some NSFW scenes occasionally. It's a bit disjointed, but if "hot-headed dragon girl" is enough for you... Look no further!
May 9, 2013 at 9:26 AM
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Good news everyone
Now you can read anti-bullying comics that aren't about fucking racists
If Scotty and his friends left you wanting more, you're in luck. Now there's an entire website dedicated to user-generated anti-bullying comics. You can make your own!

Scope this shit

Don't worry if you're not good with art, because you don't have to draw a thing. The comic creation tool comes with fantastic art assets. I made a comic real quick to showcase how easy and beautiful getting the message out can be. The website had already set up most of the strip, all I had to do was add text to the second panel:


Every week there's a contest to make the best comic. Maybe you can win! Send one in, I'm sure it'll be a hit. Make sure to check out your competition first, though.

Also, here are some comics that aren't mine.
May 24, 2013 at 2:08 PM
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The war against bullying will be fought with comics, and it will be fought with 60-second vignettes on children's television channels, and we will not rest until nobody says anything mean about anyone, anywhere, ever.

unrelated: this is a comic
Jul 3, 2013 at 9:06 AM
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Some dead men tell tales, and some little girls have tails...

I ran into this webcomic called Unsounded, because it was at the top place for votes on TopWebComics website currently...

It's for ages 15+, and I recommend adhering to that... That's because there are some pretty vulgar, shocking, wicked sights and dialogue that wouldn't be suitable for work. But, it was so GOOD!

I checked it by chance, and was instantly struck by two things. First the artwork. It's very good. Maybe I just haven't browsed enough comics, but it was just alive, and full of impressionable scenes. (Looking at the beginning again, I remember thinking the first page was good; but now it seems only average compared to further into the comic... The artist's skill has visibily improved...)

What was the other thing that struck me?

The dialogue. It absolutely was a PAIN to read. I couldn't stand one of the main characters AT ALL. And at one point, I even kinda began skimming the pages a bit, because I was too fed up.
And yet, I kept going and something happened. At some point I started paying attention to everything, and I wouldn't stop reading.
I caught up just now, and I'm dying that there's no more to read...!!

I don't want to spoil any of the story, so I'll just say it's fantasy, with an unlikely pair. It also keeps a broad range of characters in the cast; and will follow each as the story progresses.

Going to just sum up technical stuff... :

The visuals show a rough fantasy world, full of color and >new< sights. Even the background of the comic becomes involved in the story. And the dialogue has a wide range of diction... from some of the crudest I've seen in ages, to the most flowery language... And there are no end to details about the world, and yet it is never boring; as the story follows a growing cast in various locations... There's a good chance this will keep you entertained for hours if you have any love for fantasy...
[after you break the ice and can stand it xD]

Bottomline, I just say check it out sometime ;D