PiyoPiyo waves to Organya

Mar 13, 2023 at 7:48 AM
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Hello yes, it's been some time, but I got inspired to work on my passion project for OrgMaker, and one of my goals was to implement waves from PiyoPiyo into the Wave100, for those who wanna emulate their songs in Cave Story, especially when the waves used for the songs are the same length as in Wave100. Well here's some fucking documentation that can help you with that!

In every .pmd file, you can find the three waves in these hex addresses with a hex editor:

Wave 1 - 0x2c

Wave 2 - 0x180

Wave 3 - 0x2d4

You can essentially do that with every wave that was in the songs included with PiyoPiyo player, and since you can very easily draw the waves in PiyoPiyo, you're free to create any wave for your OrgMaker soundfont, not unlike WaveGen100. This is how we can beat Pxtone, guys!

Here, you can see an example I've made, plugging in the waves from "Cave Story" and "Azarashi 1998"
Cave Story (洞窟物語.pmd)


Azarashi 1998 (アザラシ!.pmd)

Example download (Note: rename to WAVE100 if you wanna plug it in OrgMaker, or WAVEDATA if you wanna plug it in Cave Story. wave.dat if you wanna use it in Cave Story+
Apr 2, 2023 at 8:37 PM
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Interesting!! I like to use orgmaker waveforms in my music, is there any way for me to convert this data into raw .wav samples (like the org samples pxtone comes with)? I've been thinking about using piyopiyo waveforms too for a while
Apr 2, 2023 at 9:59 PM
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I'm sure there are much better ways to do this, but my method includes creating a text document in notepad, and plugging in 256 characters and then saving it. Then, with "display file extensions" enabled in windows explorer, remove the file extension for the file you made, and then open it in the hex editor of your choice (I use HxD). And you should get something that looks like this, that is 256 bytes long:

With that, you can paste in the piyo wave you'd like in there, save it, and then open it with Audacity. You don't need to do anything with it, other than open it as a signed 8-bit PCM.

Your wave should show up, and under "Start and Length of Selection", you can change the time to samples.

Now, idk if this is mandatory, I'm not really a PxTone user, but for the org samples that came with it, Pixel had them all compressed from 256 samples to 200 samples, which is why they sound kinda different. Idk if they're supposed to be that size, but if that is the case, definitely change the speed from 256 to 200.

Then under "Export" to "Export to WAV", you just gotta save it as a unsigned 8-bit pcm WAV file:

And if you load it onto Pxtone, you should have the wave with these parameters (I also put in one of the org waves for comparison).