Glitch in Cave Story 3D for Speedrunners

Jul 18, 2016 at 6:07 PM
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This thread is about a glitch I found playing around with Cave Story 3D and how it shortens the game by alot. I found this while playing around with an already known about glitch called the Inventory Glitch. The Inventory Glitch works when you exit a game with your inventory opened and reload your last save. All entities in the room you are in are replaced with entities in the room you closed out of.

This is most commonly used to get the secret beta item "The Beast Fang" or infinite life capsules. But I was screwing around with it last night and I found a way to get to the regular ending of the game in a really short amount of time. If you know what you're doing you can do this in less then half an hour with only the Polar Star, Toroko's locket, and Arthur's Key. So it's very useful for speedrunners.

Before you make any videos about this glitch I ask you give me credit. You don't have to as I'm not one to get mad over such things but it would be much appreciated.

Alright, here is what you have to do :

  1. Make it to Egg Corridor and save in the room where you get the missile launcher.
  2. Step outside, open the inventory, press start, and exit. This will perform an inventory glitch.
  3. Open your game back up and you'll be back in the lab you saved in with your inventory open. Close it and check the door, a text box will appear and say "Teleport to Arthur's House?", Press yes and you'll see Quote magically move to the upper right corner and the teleporting animation will commence.
  4. You will be back in Arthur's House (DO NOT SAVE). Open Inventory and exit like before.
  5. Reload your save.
  6. Once again you'll be back in the lab you saved in but all inventory items will be changed to "Ma Pignon". Go out the door and you'll be in sand zone. Right next to Curly where her opening cutscene is supposed to take place. Perform another Inventory Glitch.
  7. Reload your save and instead of going to the door this time check on anyone of the terminals. The ending cutscene to Cave Story will take place. Except Quote will be present during all shots of the island. Roll credits!
You're done! If you do this fast enough you can get to the credits in hilariously short times! I hoped this helped any speedrunners out there but to anyone who is just checking out the site and hasn't played Cave Story all the way through before I strongly encourage it. Do not use this glitch until you have fully experienced this game because I do not want to ruin the experience for anyone playing.

Also this is definitely not the end to this glitch. You can do a million other things with the inventory glitch and it works in any room. In fact, a few fun things I found were...

  • If you check one of the terminals instead of the door in Step 3 you will unleash Igor upon the lab!
  • If you continuously check the chests instead of the door in Step 3 you can get infinite health!
  • A way to shorten your trip to the lab is to save in Cthulu's Adobe and perform an inventory glitch in Egg Corridor outside it. Go outside and you'll be in Egg No. 6 thus shortening your playtime even more because you are closer to the lab.
  • During step 3 if you check the teleporter you'll see the dialogue for Sue's opening cutscene.
  • During step 2 instead of performing the glitch at Arthur's go out to Mimiga Village and go to the farm. Perform the glitch there then check the chest. You got the Beast Fang! Increases your play time as you have to go outside and all the way back down to Arthur's but hey! At least you can say you got it!
If you find anything else fun feel free to post it! Experiment with the glitch!
Anyways, Thanks for Reading!
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