1. Teleporter Surprise

    Teleporter Surprise

    Here's a thing to know: The Teleporter's event number is #22, which is what I had. So I check it and to my surprise, it played the Item Get jingle. So I check the menu to see what I got and it was a Missile Launcher. Huh, Cave Story Modding can be quite bizarre. EDIT: Setting it so that "Run...
  2. Killer Bed

    Killer Bed

    Here's a thing to know: The bed's proper event number is #19. I had it at 34 with "interactable" on, so when I interacted with the bed, it killed me. When that happened, I laughed probably due to how bizarre it was. Man, Cave Story sure is bizarre.
  3. OuterWall Warp Glitch

    OuterWall Warp Glitch

    So I booted up my mod because I wanted to show you all a misunderstanding I created (the HP bar), and this happened. It's strange because normally the game's warped me out of the Hub into EggRoom 0. So I test the area and then fall into a pit. It gives the usual "You were never seen again"...
  4. EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    So this happened. When the game loads up, it takes me out of Level 0: Hub and warps in this area. My character's sprites are glitched, so I'm dealing with that.
  5. CoolStuff

    I missed up, big time. (True Ending) (Help Glitch/Save/Hack?)

    Hello, I'm here to be requesting help in Cave Story. I highly doubt there's anyway to fix this, but I'm going to request for help anyway... So, I guess I should explain. Right now in Cave Story, I'm trying to get the true ending, and I'm in the plantation room right now, going down to expecting...
  6. AlmaHexie

    Glitches that shouldn't happens

    I got a glitches with my mod in a room,Everytime the player enter the room,it's just loop the fades effect and go in every room I tried the <END command but still there and so I change the Event of the door so it's wrong but it change do the same thing but with this room
  7. Djammiafda

    Any way I can corrupt Cave Story?

    I've been watching some Vinesauce lately, and corruptions seem pretty funny, so I'd like to try them myself on Cave Story. How do I? Do I need a certain program or?
  8. mckgamer

    Glitch in Cave Story 3D for Speedrunners

    This thread is about a glitch I found playing around with Cave Story 3D and how it shortens the game by alot. I found this while playing around with an already known about glitch called the Inventory Glitch. The Inventory Glitch works when you exit a game with your inventory opened and reload...