1. YoshiPilot

    Did I just get the World Record for Cave Story 3D Blood Stained Sanctuary Speedruns?

    I'm thinking of someday making a video analyzing Cave Story 3D and how weird it is, so I've been recording my first play through. I'm pretty decent at getting through Blood Stained Sanctuary pretty quick, so whenever I do a play through I try to get a quick time. When I did my run, I was pretty...
  2. BoomerTerry

    i beat hell using only the blade in 4'14"3 on cave story switch

    this took months to get sub 4'20
  3. Flake

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    My problem with this mod is that it's a little too...basic. For instance I have no idea what your potential is since there is nothing new in terms of gameplay.
  4. MetalMathilda

    Ikachan font?

    I suppose this also applies to CS, but what Japanese font does Ikachan and CS use? It never seems to display right, and you can't speedrun the English translations. Ikachan 3DS also isn't allowed for any speedruns, so I need to know what font I need to download.
  5. YoshiPilot

    Sub 2 Minutes in Hell has been achieved.

    You might be thinking about how I recently posted a new PB speed run on my youtube channel, and are thinking, "Wow, Yoshi, you beat the world record!" But I haven't. I posted the speedrun and was thinking, "Huh maybe I could beat the WR?" so I looked up the speed run to see if I could pick up...
  6. YoshiPilot

    A new category for Kero Blaster boss rush

    Was recently going for the High scores page, and saw that the WR uses a weapon not included in the iOS version: In fact it's used to completely skip the truck boss. So, I propose a NEW category for the iOS version of the game. In fact, I have my own for you to use: Yeah, it kinda sucks, it's...
  7. Dabaski

    Suicide Speedrun (Mod)

    Welcome to the Suicidal Speedrun Mod. This is a mod is a very difficult game where everything kills you. At a max HP at 1, you can see yourself die alot of times and not rage a whole lot. (Because I fixed that in later versions) I've already done a complete TAS on it for the latest version I...
  8. Djammiafda

    Getting Myself Ready For Speedrunning

    So, I've gotten a bit interested in speedrunning lately. Watched some tutorials videos, some speedruns of Cave Story (freeware) and I tought "Maybe I could try that out, I mean, it seems fun". So, I'll be grabbing my timer in some days, I'll do a test run before really trying to speedrun it and...
  9. mckgamer

    Glitch in Cave Story 3D for Speedrunners

    This thread is about a glitch I found playing around with Cave Story 3D and how it shortens the game by alot. I found this while playing around with an already known about glitch called the Inventory Glitch. The Inventory Glitch works when you exit a game with your inventory opened and reload...