Early Remastered Mimiga Town theme + restored extended Mischievous Robot

Jan 23, 2022 at 7:02 AM
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A few years ago was when I originally discovered this Youtube video of an early recording of Cave Story 3D from an event. The background noise makes it hard to hear, but if you listen closely, this version of the game uses the version of Mischievous Robot used in the credits as the regular theme, and more interestingly, Mimiga Town sounds completely different, almost in a style closer to Mischievous Robot (I cannot hear any differences in Gestation and Cemetery). As far as I can tell, I'm the first and only person to document this (prior I have only mentioned it in my crappy Reddit Cave Story iceberg and in the Pixel Cut Content Server), which is no surprise considering the video only has 171 views at the time of writing this.

Was originally planning on ending the post there, but since it's relevant, back in June 2020 I made a restoration attempt of a higher quality and extended version of Mischievous Robot heard in the official Cave Story 3D trailer by removing some stuttering and appending the outro from the in game version to the end (unfortunately with a noticeable quality loss due to the Remastered OST's compression, hoping for an eventual high quality release of the Remastered OST's original renders...)
The restoration is at this link: Google Drive

(Also, I'm pretty sure this is the, or one of the first times I've made a thread outside of the Showcase forum, I'm kinda shy with message boards usually so almost all of my posts are replies lol)
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Jan 23, 2022 at 5:45 PM
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Huh, you're right, the Mimiga Village music does sound a bit different.

And the Egg Corridor music is different from the original, new, and remastered counterparts. At first I didn't realize what you meant when you said "the version of Mischievous Robot used in the credits," until I looked it up and realized that the 3Ds version has its own exclusive version of that song that plays in the second phase of the credits. And yeah, it does sound a lot like what's used in what we see on-screen there. Not sure what the story is on in Mimiga Village music that has a similar rendition there. I guess maybe they didn't have the version in the final game ready yet, so they used that as a placeholder, and then that version of Mimiga Village ended up getting shelved.

I'm not sure that I ever watched that particular trailer you're referencing all the way through. I just looked it up and watched it, and that is interesting how they remixed Mischievous Robot to fit the flow of that trailer. It works for that trailer, but listening to that restoration you linked to feels a little bit jarring, mostly because I'm so used to the notes being different. I guess they used a similar style as the trailer for that special credits remix.