1. Full-length_Olivie

    CS - Olivie's Remapped Edition!

    Are you tired of going through the same floating island? Tired of having items that doesn't have any porpuse? Then this mod is right for you! * - . - About this mod - . - * This mod is focused on making the original island in a Fresh and Difficult experience! The island is full of monster...
  2. BigMan

    Cave Story Memories

    Man, it's already been 17 years since Cave Story was first released. Where does the time go. It Is weird to be as old as this game considering lots of you probably played this game when you were around my age. How about this, I'll talk about some of my memories and you can talk about yours. That...
  3. Dr_Glaucous

    CSPB (That's not going to be it's name but I can't think of anything else right now)

    Overview: Play as Garret Hannady as he is sent on a mission to check out a mysterious distress call. I really like sci-fi. Perhaps a bit too much. Nah. Yeah, for awhile now I've seen that the original mod is lacking in quality, organization, originality, and playability (yikes). I can't...
  4. AquaDoesStuff

    Grotto Myth (Short Demo/Proof of Concept)

    "Sometimes, two worlds, regardless of their traits, will develop many parallels to each other. Equivalent people, equivalent locations... However, when something from one world enters the other... Both worlds are at risk of completely falling apart." After a couple months of work, I've created...
  5. EnlightenedOne

    Genuine Plight

    Genuine Plight Genuine Plight is a short challenge mod and is my best attempt at making an enjoyable level that just uses spikes and instadeath, as sort of a combat to the notion that all spike usage is bad and unfun (even though most are). I put about 10 hours into it for a modding-jam...
  6. Thomas Xin

    Cave Story - Rise of Ballos

    Ok, guys, I started Cave Story in 2013, and started this mod at the end of 2013. I gave up in 2014 after I lost all the data. Then I restarted in 2015. I have decided to release this to the forum just so that others can give me feedback about it. This is my first mod, so please no mocking, or...