cave story music

  1. knuckles5577

    Ok so I'm not a musician or anything but like... can orgs have different notes?

    I was messing around in orgmaker 3 and I was trying to recreate a song in it... but it seems like a song can only use one type of note for all waves in the song. Is that how they work? or do I just not know what I'm doing?
  2. Reddie

    An ORGanized list of files

    Hello all, I think I might've forgotten to put this on the forums for a while- At the start of this year I once again had the question "Has ______ been done in ORG yet?" and realized I probably wasn't the only person. Thus began a little endeavour I've been poking at, a spreadsheet of ORGs...
  3. Jade

    Re : Cave Story (A pxTone remaster)

    Re : Cave Story A pxTone remaster of the Cave Story OST. v Listen Here! v Bandcamp Re : Cave Story is a remaster of the original Cave Story soundtrack, the goal is to make listening to the soundtrack a more enjoyable experience overall. It takes advantage of the capabilities of pxTone. There...
  4. SilSinn9801

    Mischievous Robot (PC-9801 Version)

    Made in PMD98 Music Macro Language to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Windows original. Higher-quality version can be found on Nico Nico. I submitted this for consideration to an ongoing Cave Story 15th-anniv. collaboration album project coordinated by music producer Gamma Reflector...
  5. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Cave Story+ with a Complete Customized Soundtrack (revised)

    (Okay, for anybody who saw my previous thread, obviously it didn't go so well for me last time. But I corrected my one vital mistake pointed out to me. Now only the "data" folder is downloadable. Nothing illegal here. Is that alright?) Now, the premise is rather simple. Nothing has been added...
  6. achibikitsune

    Favorite songs?

    I really enjoy Pulse and Moonsong. I think they're extremly pretty!