cave story +

  1. Leumeister

    Question about inserting music (Cave Story+)

    I'm wanting to do some soundtrack replacements, and I've done a bit of research and perusal earlier, and this is what I've found CS+ uses a similar music "lookup table" to Freeware Cave Story (with the .ogg versions allowing intro and loop sections) Simply editing .tsc files to change the music...
  2. YoshiPilot

    (Video) How to play Cave Story+ on an M1 Mac

    If you have tried to play Cave Story+ on a Mac before, you know that that version is beyond broken. In fact, after apple dropped support for 32-bit apps, it became unplayable. So I made this video showing you how to play the game on a modern Mac in 2021
  3. gereffjeff

    How to mod cave story +

    I got a mod and I want to know how to use plus porter and then actually make the mod work when I boot up the game. also I use epic games version.
  4. B

    Bloodstained sanctuary falling stones (CS+)

    When I touch the stone that is already fallen on the floor from the side or jump on it it still kills me instantly. I don't know where to report this bug so I write it here.
  5. AcedicDart

    Unused Button graphics

    So, these are old ass news, but after my quick search I think no one has mentioned them yet, so I figured it's okay to post. These graphics were found in switch version of Cave Story+, and show button images for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Switch itself, obviously. Switch ones are used on the title...
  6. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Cave Story+ with a Complete Customized Soundtrack (revised)

    (Okay, for anybody who saw my previous thread, obviously it didn't go so well for me last time. But I corrected my one vital mistake pointed out to me. Now only the "data" folder is downloadable. Nothing illegal here. Is that alright?) Now, the premise is rather simple. Nothing has been added...
  7. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Is there any reason why Sue doesn't wear any pants?

    No, I'm serious. This thing has been confusing me ever since I thought about it. Again, why doesn't Sue wear any pants? If she was actually a Mimiga, then I can excuse that because it's not like most Mimiga, let alone most anthropomorphic animals in general, believe in pants. But she's not a...
  8. ZachThePillow

    CS+ Script editing

    I'm having trouble editing the script of Cave Story + I have used Cave Editor for modding Cave story freeware, and I can't seem to convert those files to CS+ if there's a program that allows me to edit the CS+ script directly, that would be great to know. (I have also used Plus Porter and it...