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    Another Cave Story Sequel (ACSS) V: 1.19.1

    Sorry for the double-post, but I seem to have run into a bug. In the hydroelectric plant, after activating HEF Gate C (the one shortly after defeating the monster hive), going back to the room with the save point gives an error that says "failed to load stage," after which the game crashes. I...
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    Another Cave Story Sequel (ACSS) V: 1.19.1

    Hey, I just checked this out, and I've gotta say this is definitely one of the most promising mods I've seen in a long time! It reminds me in some ways of Jenka's Nightmare, which I consider pretty high praise as far as the world of CS mods goes. Eagerly awaiting to see what comes of the next...
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    I remember buying this game from the Japanese website and installing a fan translation when I was in high school: the impression I got of it was that it was really hard, even for a Mega Man clone.
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    What is your favourite video game?

    Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year Door. It's a perfect blend of RPG elements, platforming, humor, presentation, and most importantly of all it's the first time there's ever been a Mario game that tried to make you care about its story and characters.
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    Dumbest thing you've done during your first playthrough of cave story?

    Its ability to shoot through walls does make it a lot more useful in a few situations, though.
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    Honestly Jenka's Nightmare is good enough to count as a sequel for me, even if it is a fan mod.
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    Cave Story 2?

    I wouldn't be so sure. A few years ago there was a rumor of a sequel floating around, around the same time Cave Story + gave us the Wind Fortress level, which seemed at the time to be a clue towards some previously-unrevealed plot thread. Unfortunately we've heard nothing about that since.
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    Cave Story 2?

    Jenka's Nightmare is pretty much the closest thing there will probably be to a second Cave Story. From what I've been able to tell, Pixel's distanced himself from CS due to Nicalis's involvement in the rights to the game.
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    Is Cave Story A prequel to Undertale?

    "Sans" and "Sue" are just several letters apart from being exactly the same as each other! They must be the same person!
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    Jenka's Nightmare - Done. *mic drop* []

    The fight against Genesis and Oblivion at the end of the Last Cave is just plain evil. I don't know whether to curse Zarro for coming up with it or respect him for pulling such a clever stunt. As an aside, I'm probably going to have to just watch the rest of the game on a Let's Play since this...
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    Is the Island bigger than what we see of it?

    One of the things that struck me when looking at the Island's official portrait is that its appearance from the outside doesn't seem to correspond to the areas of the game when taken all together. Sure, this is mostly because you spend most of the game within the Island's caverns, but even then...
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    Why didnt Misery kill Quote instead of sending him to the labyrinth when Balrog knocked him out?

    Just to be clear, I'm not disputing its canonicity, I'm just saying I find the official explanation kind of disappointing. It goes from "holy crap, the bad guy is serious" to "you were careless." Ballos doesn't want anything other than someone to finally kill him, so bribery is right out...
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    Why didnt Misery kill Quote instead of sending him to the labyrinth when Balrog knocked him out?

    It wouldn't make sense for him to punish Misery for forcing him create the crown if that were the case. And Ballos probably wouldn't want to use his power outside his prison either: his dialogue and backstory make it apparent that more than anything else, he just wants to die.
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    Hey there. I'm Zennistrad (as you can probably tell). I remember making an account here a few years ago under a different name, but I've stopped using that name altogether on most websites so I created a separate account here. I played Cave Story several years after it first came out, during a...
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    I can see that now, I think I misread the last post as saying "J.K. Rowling." That would have made Harry Potter... interesting to say the least.